Android Fragmentation Dwindling

The device dashboard over at the official Android Developers site has been updated after months of inactivity.  With the Motorola Droid recently getting bumped up to Android 2.1 over the last couple of weeks, it’s no surprise that Android had dwindled down to 3 major builds (1.5, 1.6, and 2.1).  The promising news comes in knowing that nearly every Android handset in the United Sates will be at Android 2.1 at some point over the next few months!  Sprint has plans to get their Hero and Moment phones up to snuff while Motorola will get their lineup on track by Q3 of this year.

  • How about the G1? When is that getting 2.1 or 2.0?

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  • Fragmentation really isn't dwindling. We, at AndAppStore, still get regular queries from users who've bought a "New" HTC Hero wondering why they can't download apps designated for Android 1.6 or later.

    And then there's the HTC Tattoo which, about 3 months after it's release, seemed to be abandoned by HTC in terms of upgrades, and will, most likely, be stuck on 1.6.

    Fragmentation is now a fact of the Android landscape, and as device manufacturers and carriers look for ways to distinguish their offerings from other Android 'phones I see it as unlikely we'll drop below 2 "current" versions of Android, and most likely it'll sit around 3 or 4 for the next year or two.

  • Julius

    2nd on the G1 and the Hero. Seems like the first quarter is well and truly not when they're going to release 2.1. Under promise, over deliver.

  • Android Guru

    The G1 probably wont see 2.1 because of Memory (ROM & RAM) limitations and to be quite honest, If you still carry a phone from 2008, Its time to upgrade…..

    • dclaryjr

      I'll upgrade my G1 when someone comes out with a physical keyboard that is as good or better. Right now there isn't a phone out there that can touch it (except maybe a Sidekick).

      • Alz

        I completely agree. In fact, I'm surprised HTC hasn't already announced/released a successor to the G1 with a physical keyboard. I'd upgrade instantly.

    • Julius

      I'd go to an N1 but it hasn't arrived in NZ yet… Hey I could upgrade to a Magic though! 🙂 Unfortunately we're being left behind when we used to be the trial country for new tech.

  • What about the MyTouch 3G?? Are we stuck with 1.6? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

  • The MyTouch slide is really the closest G1 successor. I'm guessing since the slide has Android 2.1 on it, the MyTouch 3G will get the 2.1 update around the time the Slide launches.

  • meanmcclean

    I think the mytouch slide will be the successor to the g1. By the time it launches most g1 owners will be just about done with their 2 year contract and eligible for an upgrade. If you want full qwerty this will be your option. Mytouch 3g user should get the update and hence an end to fragmentation by next year. It sucks but it seems like this is our path. As much as I love my G1, it's time for something new.

    • lobotomik

      2 year contracts with the phone included is, fortunately, not the way it works in most of the world.

  • Fragmentation doesn't have to do with the OS – it has to do with the hardware. Fragmentation is increasing, not decreasing.

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