GameGripper Arrives For The Motorola Droid

I don’t know about you folks, but when I am gaming on my Motorola Droid I often wish I had a better keyboard.  I especially wish I had a better D-pad.  Then, the other day I saw something called the GameGripper come across my Twitter feed.  What is the GameGripper you might ask? Well, honestly, it’s the best thing to happen to Droid users since the introduction of the Droid Car Mount.

The GameGripper is a great concept. It is basically a controller that fits over your Droid keyboard.  When a button is pressed on the GameGripper, it pushes down on the keys of your Droid, so you are in fact using the very keyboard you’ve shunned just a moment ago. Pure genius. Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

If you’re interested in the GameGripper you can get one here! For me, the video says it all.

[youtube]! [/youtube]

Source: IntoMobile

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