Google Redesigns ‘Compose’ Page in Gmail for Mobile

Google is constantly tweaking their Gmail for mobile site, adding nifty little features here and there to improve the experience.  Last week saw some subtle changes to the page for composing new messages.  One of the new features is that the address field automatically expands, allowing users to see all email addresses entered.  When adding names to your email, an autocomplete dropdown window provides contact choices, similar to the desktop experience.  Once selected, the full address is hidden with only the name shown in the address field.

Other features found in the new Gmail for mobile experience:

  • Remove the contact you just added by tapping Backspace.
  • Press the ‘+’ button to see your top contacts, or hide them by pressing the ‘–’ button.
  • If for some reason autocomplete fails you and the person you are trying to reach is a Gmail user, just type their Gmail username and a comma, and we’ll take care of the pesky @ sign and the rest (so [hikingfan] becomes [[email protected]].)
  • The page now fills the entire screen, giving you more space to see what you’re writing.

How many of you are using the mobile site over the native client found in Android?  Are there any features you’d like to see integrated into the mobile version?  What’s missing from the native app?

  • I never use the mobile Google pages. The Android apps more than fills my needs when I'm on the phone. But I guess Google wants to cater for those unlucky enough not to have an Android phone.

  • steve

    I primarily use the native app. My biggest problem with it is that it does not remember my spot while I am reading a message. So if I turn the screen off, use another app like the phone, or click a link when I come back to the message it goes back to the top.

  • Jeremy

    I use the native app and I really wish they would offer a way to get those new features. Update the gmail app via the Market. That would rock!

  • Tucker

    I use the native app. I'd love to see them be able to add features and update through the market like with maps. The feature I miss most is being able to select text and copy and paste from emails. What if I don't want to forward the whole email or I want to send an excerpt by IM or text? Buzz integration through the native app would be awesome too!

  • Jeff

    I use the native app, but would love to be able to select text and copy paste, not having to select the whole block of text.. and I NEED to be able to use the 'Send As' feature as found in the desktop version. I wish this was a priority to have added to the GMail app. I was previously able to use 'Send As' using the mobile site in the browser, but it seems this is no longer an option???? Very sad about that.

  • aranea

    I almost exclusively use the native app but I find not having copy/paste, send as and not being able to click on an address to navigate to it limiting.

  • ssss
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