Nexus One Shows up in Sprint CelleBrite Unit

The excitement continues to mount as I “patiently” await what will most likely be my next phone. We’ve known for a good month that Sprint will support the Nexus One. But, we have yet to get any solid leads regarding a release date.

AndroidCentral is now reporting a tweet from a Sprint employee named Eric, who goes by the Twitter account RedWhiteAndJew. The tweet contains a link to a picture of a Sprint CelleBrite machine with the Nexus One clearly legible. CelleBrite machines are used to transfer phonebook data between devices. If a phone shows up on one, it could be a sign that it’s nearing release.

So now I ask you… Nexus One, or EVO 4G? Soon enough, you’ll have to make up your mind.

  • Ali

    evo 4g… i can't have my android without sense to start with…

  • Hmn… I dunno… I do love my Nexus One. But the Evo is… huge.

  • Don

    Size matters especially for virltual keyboards. EVO4G all the way!

  • cjldad

    Good to have options, but I'm a EVO'er..
    Hope Clearwire upgrades their current hardware here soon…

  • Rob

    Phone transfer machines show phones from all carriers…

    What stupidity…

  • Rob

    or do you think Sprint will be getting the HD2 as well?
    Also in the picture…

  • INsano

    Evo is a Powerball ticket….Nexus is comparatively a scratch and sniff sticker.

  • thank you so much for sharing.

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