Rumor: HTC Incredible Also Headed To T-Mobile


Put this one in the major rumor category, but if this image is true (thanks Phandroid!), T-Mobile is getting the HTC Incredible along with Verizon.  The image above was recently spotted on Costco’s system and shows the handset listed with T-Mobile as the carrier. There is a chance that this is just a data input error, but let us hope it is not!

We definitely have to take this one with a grain of salt, but I will be pretty darn happy if it is true!

Would you like to see the HTC Incredible launch on T-Mobile USA?

Source: IntoMobile

Image Source: Phandroid


  1. I've read that this was probably just a typo or mistake, that verizon phones have shown up in costco systems like this before, but it was an error. Plus the phone isnt gsm…

  2. This would be great news, but I think it is more likely to be a typo. So far, no two US carriers have the same model android handset.