Rumor: Nexus One getting major OTA update soon?


Phandroid has pointed out a very interesting rumor circulating amongst the French. According to Smartphone France, the Nexus One is set to receive an over-the-air update in the coming days. The site states no source and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt. Here’s what the post says according to a Google translation:

“If all goes well in the coming days to update the firmware for the Nexus One should be offered for download from Google. This major update brings more than 3 large compared to the current version:
– Better memory management with a new version of the Linux kernel to operate in short, all the device memory which is not the case today
– Fixed problem of MultiTouch when fingers are too close
– Activating the FM radio feature of the camera!

In short, that’s good for the Nexus One. All that remains now to be hoped that it is officially distributed among us.”

If the above rumor does pan out, it would be a much welcomed roll-out for Nexus One users, who have been plagued with problems since launch. However, here are my problems with this news:

  1. According to almost every source that has dealt with the Nexus One’s multitouch issue, the problem is hardware related and it’s highly unlikely that a software fix could resolve it.
  2. Perhaps they just mean FM radio in general, but I’ve never heard of an FM radio camera feature (correct me if I’m missing something).
  3. I’d expect that if an update is being released, details of it would include additional fixes for the 3G connectivity issue, as well as a fix for the 16-bit color problem in the Android 2.1 Gallery app. But hey, that’s just my opinion.
  4. No source = FAIL

Also, on a side note–if a major Android update rolls out, I darn well expect an updated Gmail app that allows me to send emails from any of the addresses that I manage via Gmail. A Gmail app update is way overdue. Google, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re taking notes.

What does everyone think? Is an update imminent, or are the French just trying to stir up trouble?

Above image taken from Phandroid.


  1. That does sound pretty cool, so I hope it's true. I've heard before that the Nexus has FM radio hardware… can anyone confirm that? Of course, it also has wireless N hardware… maybe that'll be enabled in the update?

    I did hear that the multi-touch issue can be fixed via software. (It's a hardware problem, but they can adjust for it in software).

  2. Well, none of those changes seem to warrant an update of their own. I think we'll see the update after Fruyo is announced next month at Google I/O…

    I hope Android maps get the "Live mode" which has been in the hush-hush eversince Google bought Enkin more than 2 years ago….

  3. – Meilleure gestion de la mémoire grâce à une nouvelle version du noyau Linux afin d'exploiter enfin toute la mémoire de l'appareil ce qui n'est pas le cas aujourd'hui

    = Better memory management thanks to a new version of the Linux core to finally use all the memory of the device which is not the case today.

    – Correction du problème du MultiTouch quand les doigts sont trop rapprochés

    = Fix of the multitouch problem where the fingers are too close together

    – Activation de la fonction radio FM de l'appareil !

    = Activation of the FM radio function in the device.

  4. It would be great if the “music player randomly starts playing (and/or skips to next track in mid-song) when non-standard Google-include headphones are used” bug can be fixed too.

  5. Would be nice if it fixed the Bluetooth / Nissan / BMW / Dodge / Jaguar issue of no audio through the car's system