Twitter Working on Official Android App


Not much to say here that isn’t already in the title.  Business Insider is reporting tonight that twitter CEO Evan Williams claims and Android app is on the way and “it’s going to be awesome”.  As to how this will impact Android apps like Seesmic and Twidroid remains to be seen.  Twitter recently acquired Tweetie, a company who provides an iPhone and desktop client and plans to rebrand the mobile app as ‘Twitter for iPhone’.

Will any of you drop your current app in favor of an official client?


  1. Touiteur is the best twitter app in the market. it has the prettiest UI and most functional. I compared all of them on night and Touiteur lets you see the most tweets without having to scroll down.

  2. These announcements came after investor Fred Wilson wrote a place informing Twitter start-ups to stop filling holes in Twitters products and to instead look to launch dolphin apps that move all new businesses.

  3. I would say stats and search tools are really appreciable.Twitter account managers are able to keep tabs on certain keywords, see where Twitter trends are going, and drill down into certain aspects of the Twitter community. .

  4. How can you discuss if you’d replace your twitter/app with an official one when there is no featureset of an official one to compare with? WTF?