AAMCO’s iGAAUGE Now Available

AAMCO has just announced that their popular  iGAAUGE application is now available for Android handsets.  The free tool provides users with access to car repair information, nearby fueling spots  and traffic information  For those of you who have trouble keeping up with all the care that goes along with owning a car,  iGAAUGE offers a preventive maintenance schedule to ease your worried mind.  Finally, there are special offers provided by AAMCO that are only available to iGAAUGE users.

  • Tina

    you should please be noting somewhere within your explanation of new apps that it is for specific OS and up (ex: for OS 1.6+)

  • vaughn

    Running 1.6 (G1) and cannot find the app in the market

  • Joe Shmo!

    You really should put the QR code when talking about apps!

  • eka

    thank you so much for sharing :p