Android Market Now 38,000 Apps Deep, Nexus One Profitable

It seems like we were just talking about hitting 30,000 apps only a few days ago, doesn’t it?  Well, the semi-official word out of Google today is that the Android Market is over 38,000 applications strong.  We say apps, but we know with Android this figure also includes wallpapers and widgets in addition to those awesome soundboards. Speaking today during their quarterly earnings call, Google reported that the market jumped 8,000 apps in just the last month.

That’s a lot of apps.  But what about phones?  It was confirmed today that 60,000 Android handsets are being sold every day.  This matches what we’ve previously heard on the matter.  And as for that Nexus One and it’s supposed lackluster sales.  Google’s happy with it, adding, “it is a profitable business for us… we are driving the business to be a profitable business.”  Sounds like they are happy with the experiment so far!

  • Jim

    The only reason the Nexus One could be profitable would be by not including any customer service, repair, exchange charges. Since Google stiffed its customers by not providing customer service they probably could be profitable. If they were honest about the whole Nexus situation they would provide numbers. They have not and probably won't. Just BS.

    • I am a Nexus One User Since Day 1…Honestly I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever…it is considered a big news when people make hue and cry around trivial things just to get attention and feel like a victim…agreed that nexus one isn't flawless, but no other handset is. What they did is set a benchmark for all other manufacturers to get at par or better it. I am very satisfied with the nexus one even after knowing it's quirks. you ca check some of my nexus one youtube videoa here

      • scott

        I agree with you Rahul. There isnt a phone on the market that doesnt have some degree of hickups. People love to complain!

  • eka

    thank you so much for sharing :p

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