AndroidGuys: Finalist In The Blog Awards!


Check this out! AndroidGuys has made it to the finals for the Best Android Blog! What a huge honor! We’re looking to our readers to cast your votes for AndoidGuys as many times as you can (right now, we’re in last place!). Your incentive? Well, Wirefly will give us $250, we’ll match it, and take that $500 and invest it in prizes and give aways for our readers! We’ll give out those prizes on our weekly podcasts, our new Facebook page, or on Twitter!

We want to be your one-stop outlet for Android related news! Thanks so much for your support!

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  • guest

    Uh, forgive me, but:

    "Site you've never heard of nominates site you occasionally skim for award you've never heard of, film at 11"

    • Jeff

      If you've never heard of Wirefly, you must have just crawled out from under a rock. Wirefly and LetsTalk have been selling cell phones online for more than a decade.

  • eka

    great post!! i like it :p