HTC Desire To Launch On U.S. Cellular This Summer

Today, U.S. Cellular announced though Facebook they’ll be launching the HTC Desire! All I have to say, is congratulations U.S. Cellular customers, really, really jealous!  The Facebook statement read:

The worst kept secret in online history! HTC Desire with Android from U.S. Cellular, coming this summer after our rigorous testing is complete. Now have fun guessing which other Android phone we’ll launch.

If you don’t know by now( and you probably do), the HTC Desire is a top-notch smartphone. Featuring Android 2.1, a 5 megapixel camera with flash, and a 3.7″ WVGA AMOLED screen, the Desire is loaded up with HTC’s custom Sense user interface, which many find classier than stock Android.

No word on specific dates or pricing, but that will likely come soon enough. Now, which other Android phone could they be hinting towards? Any clues?

Source: Androinica

  • djk

    Preloading the Sense UI on an Android phone is like loading IE8 with Windows Vista and having it break if one tries to uninstall. It just slows things down with eye candy. The real appeal of Android is the flexibility in installing and uninstalling 3rd party apps & customizing it however one wishes.

  • The HTC Desire's sleek and attractive design with a gorgeous display and an easy to use controls impressed me.The interesting features are stereo Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,quick access to music and application downloads and a broad degree of customization with awesome call quality.I want to have this one.

  • celticchrys

    The Rumor on Howard Forums is that the other phone is the Samsung R885. I haven't been able to find any info about it yet.

    • celticchrys

      Ah pardon me there, the R880, NOT R885. That was a typo.

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