Samsung Galaxy S to All Four Major Carriers?

Is Samsung planning to forgo the route of carrier exclusivity with their Galaxy S handset?  According to Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Mark McKechnie, that might very well be the case.  The world’s #2 cell phone maker expects to offer their latest super phone with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint by the end of June with Verizon slated as “sometime later this year”.

Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes has an interesting article up today which details the reasons as to how such a deal might have come about.  It comes down to two ideas; A) No one carrier was so over-the-moon about the phone to lock it up in an exclusive deal or B) The phone is compelling enough that each provider wants a piece of it.

What do you think?  Does the Galaxy S have enough WOW factor to sell on all four carriers?  Should they partner up with one provider only?  If so, who should get it?

  • Priz

    Which one gets the Galaxy S Pro (w/Keyboard)? 🙂

    • newws

      no one! the picture you saw of the galaxy s pro was fake. oh well…

  • bdjnk

    Watching demos… No, the UI looks fine to me, and for sure better than Samsung’s previous attempt. This is an intensely beautiful phone in every respect. Naysayers have preemptive awesome envy.

  • ray

    This phone has beautiful specs but horrible ui…looks like an iphone ui… makes ugly phones i sware

    • Trev

      The particular "iphone" setup you are referring to is only in the menu, not the homescreens. You can actually adjust the in-menu icons at your will which is unlike any other UI out there. Granted TouchWiz is no Sense, it is better than most UIs.

    • Galaxer

      swear, not sware. 😉

  • Is this At&t phone.You can say this is Canada or mexico phone.As far as I know At&t has been moving there 3G band over to 850mhz in major city’s.

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