Seesmic For Android Updated With Widget, Geotagging, and Native Retweet

My favorite Twitter client, Seesmic, has finally received an update to include, yes, that’s right-widgets! In addition to widgets, users will get some additional features which are also very solid!  Seesmic users will be given the ability to natively (read: uneditable) retweet, as well as GPS location tagging for your tweets.  I should  also menition that although there will be the hardened native retweeting, Seesmic will keep the option to quote someone else’s tweet, so you can edit where you see fit. This is good.

Right now the widget is pretty simple – it shows a random tweet from the people you follow, the ability to scroll through others, touch to read the whole thing, or tap the icon to compose a fresh twitter update. Hopefully, we will see a greater variety of widgets in the future, but for now this is great!

I think that without a doubt, all of this makes Seesmic a top-notch Twitter client for Android! What do you think? Is this your favorite Twitter client? Comments?

Source: Androinica

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  1. Zaerath
    April 20, 02:35 Reply

    Still my favorite Twitter client. :)

  2. Michael_Martin
    April 20, 02:39 Reply

    I always used Twidroid but decided to try Seesmic on the Sony XPERIA X10 review unit I got last month.

    Even with the update its still missing autocomplete for @ & DM replies

    • Elson Jr.
      August 08, 10:27 Reply

      Yep! For that reason I came back to twidroid. =/

  3. Kenn Lisudza
    April 20, 02:45 Reply

    I have tried all android twitter apps and by far seesmic just does it for me….. now with the widget, good stuff.

  4. eka
    July 13, 18:46 Reply

    thank you so much for info. i like it :p

  5. Paco Fernandez
    May 19, 06:50 Reply

     Regarding this article, I would like to give you know a project I’ve done and that is closely related to this article. is a site where you upload a photo and after a few seconds, if the photograph contains GPS information, will show you where the photo was taken. In the contrary, gives the possibility to geotag your photo, and then you can send small and geotagged photo with your friends.
     It is a project still somewhat green, but I promise to be adding features in the coming months.
     a hug Paco Fernandez 

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