Protected Apps Missing for HTC Desire Owners

Some HTC Desire owners are starting to run into aggravation over the inability to download select apps from the Android Market.  Apparently, Google yet to “sign off” the new HTC Desire ROM and it’s hiding copy protected applications from users when browsing the Android Market.  Notable missing applications include Paypal, Twidroid, Skype, and the brand new Runkeeper. 

A couple of threads have started over in the official Android (UK) help forum with customers detailing their frustrations.  According to few accounts, HTC has been very quick to respond and address the situation, if not to toss a little blame at Google.

“Dear Andrew The explanation we have been given is that for all new ROMS released we have to supply Google with a “fingerprint” that identifies the ROM and this needs to be updated in their database with compatibility info and such so that the correct apps can be shown. Such as the market filtering out incompatible apps. We do supply these before relaese (sic) of all our ROM’s and devices however we have no say over how long it takes for Google to update their database. Best regards, Bjorn D HTC

As irritating as this might be for some, we can’t imagine this situation will go on much longer.  The best advice we can offer at this point is to monitor the Android Market threads and periodically check to see if the apps show up.  We’ll be sure to pass along any news that comes our way.

  • Darrell

    Currently affected by this problem, it's a drag, but not a MAJOR problem as I have been able to get some of the missing Apps (ie Google Earth) from other sources.

  • Aidan

    T-Mobile UK user here and haven't been able to get access to National Rail and some other apps since upgrading…..Sort it out please!

  • I've had a Desire here in the UK since the second day it was available on T-Mobile, and there are some apps available, and some missing.

    I have installed barcode scanner, Twidroid Pro, Layar without issue. One of the apps that was missing (Record It) is now available again after I contacted the developer and he "changed a compile option". The National Rail app has been pulled by the developer as he "Renegotiates terms with network Rail". Other apps (Especially games like Flight Director, Nintaii etc." Are missing.

    It is interesting that the developer of Record It was able to make the app appear by himself without Google needing to do something. Unfortunately I have no idea what he did. Maybe this isn't the cut and dried issue reported by HTC.

  • Afid

    I'm having this problem too. In fact the market app was acting very strangely for the first couple of days – not showing installations had completed, taking ages to display app info page etc. It seems to be performing normally today but still no paid apps available. Maybe google are annoyed about the desire being so similar to the Nexus and are dragging their feet on purpose. Or more likely they haven't refined the approval system yet. Bit embarrassing, hope this is sorted soon.

  • Matt Watt

    I upgraded from the G1 to the Desire and now I can not access apps which I have actually already paid for.

    This is a disgrace!

    I shouldn’t have to get the .apks from “other” sources (illegally) and I SHOULD be able to access the market which I was told I could use when i bought the phone.

  • Cris

    is this the same for Legend as well since it's launched about the same time.

  • Laird1979

    Here here!! Sort it Google! Lots of the apps I paid for on my trusty old G1 are not available. Given the huge amount of advertising for the Desire currently and that smartphones nowadays are only as good as their apps, somebody had better have their ass in a sling over this!!

  • anonymoose

    @Cris – yes, it's the legend as well

    @AndroidGuys "As irritating as this might be for some, we can't imagine this situation will go on much longer." Try since the 14th March (earliest post on the Legend thread) *sigh*

    PS – credit to the person who tipped you the story wouldn't go amiss :p

  • NefariousAryq

    This has also happened with *both* maintenance releases for the HTC Eris… the first one back in November and the second in January. Took over 2 weeks for Google to re-enable the Market for the updated firmware. Frankly, this is ridiculous — after the MR2 release I had some issues with my phone and had to factory reset it, which kept me from re-downloading apps I paid for during that 2-week period. Google needs to get on the ball, it’s all the little things like this that make me feel Android isn’t “ready” yet.

  • Heidie

    I got my Desire only to find missing applications all over the place.
    This is unacceptable, at best.

  • Martin

    Thanks for posting this Androidguys, needs some publicity as Google are just not listening, no comment from them at all on this, any update would be nice!

  • Wizard1001001

    Is this also going to affect the HTC Incredible???

    • yes, I just got my Incredible and Run Keeper, Cherry rplayer and Skype are not in the market

  • Mark Wilson

    I remember a news article on this site asking why people don't pay for more apps. well here is your answer.
    This is not just effecting stuff I have brought but good programs fromI want to buy, but i can only see the demo.

  • can confirm that this is affecting the HTC Incredible on Verizon, I just received mine this morning and there are apps that are not showing up that I had installed on the Moto Droid

  • zeluen

    Hi. I'm Zeluen from Spain. I'm very happy with my new HTC DESIRE but some of the apps I'm looking forward to install in my new smartphone ara unavaliable. I can't hardly believe that this can happen and it's not good for Android users and Android system itself.

    • Andres

      Hi Zeluen, Have you got HTC desire in Spain or you got an unlocked one from another country? Thanks.

  • BenAtRKUK

    Its not even just HTC Desire, the Legend and even the Sony Ericsson Xperia is effected as well, think its fair to say this is both my first and last Android device, went to Android after iPhone, think I'll stick back to what I knew was better in the first place.
    Google suck

  • This has now hit Australia with the Telstra ROM update on the desire.
    The good thing is (and I suggest that every one does this) that in Australia we have very good consumer protection laws. So for each day the apps are not available, we can request that Telstra credits us back any phone charges (ie contract fees etc but not calls) until it is fixed, as we are paying for a service that is not as described when we purchased the phone.

    If they say they will not do it, just mention that you will go to the telecommunications ombudsman and lodge a complaint – then they will…. Its not really fair on Telstra, however it will make them put pressure on Google to pull their finger out.

    If they try and say its out of their control and its a Google/htc issue, you can just say that Telstra sold you the phone, so its THEIR issue to sort out with Google/htc, not your problem… its up to Telstra to get compensation from Google/htc, not you…

    Simple, and good luck!


  • PK

    OK, I’m a Legend user and the same problem occurs in Estonia as well. There was an update about a couple of weeks ago, but it only solved an inch of the problem. Still MANY apps missing from the market… and frankly, it’s irritating as hell!

  • HTC Desire Owner

    Can anyone help me with getting Skype on my HTC Desire in Australia……its an awesome phone but has a few limitations when it comes to apps unlike the iPhone…..if only the apps access& range can be improved the HTC can kill iPhone anyday…..

  • eka

    thank you so much for info. great post!! i like it :p

  • Reid

    I am having this same issue on an HTC Desire US Version

  • Shay2U

    Why did the 2.2 “Froyo” delete the dictionary, translate and Wikipedia look-ups from the Incredible???? I’m totally pissed!!

  • Rakan

    This is a disgrace, I too share the frustration with other htc desire users. This should be an easy task for Google to do (if HTC claims are true), but the question is why Google is not even replying to the accusation?
    HTC desire
    Saudi Arabia.

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