October 31, 2014

Protected Apps Missing for HTC Desire Owners

Some HTC Desire owners are starting to run into aggravation over the inability to download select apps from the Android Market.  Apparently, Google yet to “sign off” the new HTC Desire ROM and it’s hiding copy protected applications from users when browsing the Android Market.  Notable missing applications include Paypal, Twidroid, Skype, and the brand new Runkeeper. 

A couple of threads have started over in the official Android (UK) help forum with customers detailing their frustrations.  According to few accounts, HTC has been very quick to respond and address the situation, if not to toss a little blame at Google.

“Dear Andrew The explanation we have been given is that for all new ROMS released we have to supply Google with a “fingerprint” that identifies the ROM and this needs to be updated in their database with compatibility info and such so that the correct apps can be shown. Such as the market filtering out incompatible apps. We do supply these before relaese (sic) of all our ROM’s and devices however we have no say over how long it takes for Google to update their database. Best regards, Bjorn D HTC”

As irritating as this might be for some, we can’t imagine this situation will go on much longer.  The best advice we can offer at this point is to monitor the Android Market threads and periodically check to see if the apps show up.  We’ll be sure to pass along any news that comes our way.