Boo-yah! Skyfire for Android Beta Leaked


Attention Android fans: so, those nice folks over at XDA seem to have gotten a hold of a copy of Skyfire for Android Beta!  I have to tell you it is extremely fast and extremely sharp, even for a beta.  If your interested in getting a copy, you can download it here! Let us know what you think.

Source: XDA


  1. You don't need to pay for it? just click the free download link. Seems very fast very impressed, can't wait for the official release.

  2. Very stupid of you to post a link of an alpha not a beta but an alpha when the CEO asked the links to be taken down. You better not ruin this for us and make them stop releasing alpha and beta software for skyfire.

  3. Doesn't work as of now on HTC Droid Eris with 2.1 (not first leak, patched leak.) Nice UI and everything, just wont load any pages – any link times out and shows the default "web page not found" screen with Mr. Android upside down. Oh well, if they wanted us to mess with it they'd ask.

  4. Works ok on my Nexus One. I quite like the UI.

    There's no multitouch zoom though (and the zoom gadgets seem to be scaled bitmaps rather than OS-native buttons?), and the default zoom level is a bit offputting.

  5. The flash support on this alpha is worse than the stock cliq xt browser. Can't wait to see hulu support on the final release. 😉

  6. Steel browser is much better in terms of UI. I'm disappointed they didn't use the long press zoom/link/share method available in Steel and used a context menu and zoom control instead. I hope Steel gets continued development as well.

    Also, could you at least link to the XDA thread rather then just mentioning them -.-