October 2, 2014

Sprint Sending Out Invitations to HTC EVO 4G Event May 12th

We just received an email from Sprint inviting us to join the Dan Hesse (CEO) next month for a hands-on look at the upcoming HTC EVO 4G. Not only that, but we’d be treated to a special advanced viewing of this summer’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time weeks before it hits theaters.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse invites you and a guest to a May 12 event with our partner, Walt Disney Pictures, as we showcase the multimedia capabilities of HTC EVO™ 4G, the world’s first Android phone. Get a hands-on look at the device and see for yourself how HTC EVO™ 4G and Sprint’s 4G network leadership are transforming the entertainment industry.

We were at CTIA last month when Sprint unveiled the HTC EVO 4G and we have to admit this phone is everything they are claiming it is.  It’s super responsive, loaded with hardware features not found elsewhere, and really feels like a winner in your hands.  Unfortunately, there’s not even a hint as to launch dates and/or pricing.  Why bother even throwing an event around a handset if you’re not going to advance the conversation a bit?  Maybe we’ll buy Dan a large popcorn in exchange for some details.

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