Adobe AIR on the Android Platform

By Andy Rubin, Google VP of Engineering, Android

Partnerships have been at the very heart of Android, the first truly open and comprehensive mobile platform, since we first introduced it with the Open Handset Alliance. Through close relationships with carriers, device manufacturers, developers, and others, Google is working to enable an open ecosystem for the mobile world by creating a standard, open mobile software platform. Today we’re excited that, working with Adobe, we will be able to bring both AIR and Flash to Android.

Google believes that developers should have their choice of tools and technologies to create applications. By supporting Adobe AIR on Android we hope that millions of creative designers and developers will be able to express themselves more freely when they create applications for Android devices. More broadly, AIR will foster rapid and continuous innovation across the mobile ecosystem.

Google is happy to be partnering with Adobe to bring the full web, great applications, and developer choice to the Android platform. Our engineering teams have been working closely to bring both AIR and Flash Player to Google’s mobile operating system and devices. The Android platform is enjoying spectacular adoption, and we expect our work with Adobe will help that growth continue.

We also look forward to all the innovative content and applications created for Android and Flash. Join us at Google I/O in May to learn more about our work together with Adobe to open up the world of Flash on mobile devices.

Originally posted on the website.

  • Lets just hope there is an "Off" switch.

    Personally I don't have flash installed on any of my machines and find the web a better place. Faster downloads, less annoying ads, and my browsers are more responsive.

    I'd hate to see Android get run down just because flash is sitting there eating CPU cycles just to run an advert that nobody really wants to see anyway.

    • and yes, I did read the article, even though the title says Air the article talks about Flash & Air as if they're an inseparable pair, saying at one point "… both AIR and Flash Player …", which indicates to me there is 1 installer and you get both.

  • eka

    thank you so much for :p