March 30, 2015

Progressive Releases Car Insurance App for Android

After seeing tremendous interest in their mobile site from Android users, Progressive has released a full-on application to the market.  Aimed to simplify the online experience, the free app provides many of the same features as the their full website including getting quotes, making payments, and tracking claims.  It’s also possible to calculate and budget for monthly car loan payments, research crash test results and recall notices, and watch the latest commercials from Progressive.

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  1. United Auto

    Want information from expert in auto insurane. I do know several people who have transmitted their own information in to one of the many “online car insurance quotes” and today they’ve already solicitors all-around them, email messages, on their telephone, junk mail and also one case of Social Security Id theft. Thus my question for you is: Are these online car insurance quotes actually risk-free? Doesn’t it make sense to stay with a local auto insurance agent you can do business with both on the telephone or perhaps person.

    • Cheap Car Insurance

      Sometimes staying with an offline broker can be a good idea. Especially if you are concerned about identity theft, buying stuff online etc. What a lot of people do is do their research online to find out what company offers the cheapest policy, then either buy direct or through a broker. It’s usually cheaper direct. Hope that helps.

  2. Cassie Brendan

    That’s one sweet app right there. And that’s what users are looking for these days: one that can do the functions of others. These all-in-one apps are going to be a hit. Do you have any more info about this kind of app other than this one by Progressive, and the other one by GEICO shared in the comments? Thanks!


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