October 23, 2014

T-Mobile USA to Offer Garminfone in Exclusive Deal

T-Mobile USA, Inc has officially announced another Android handset exclusive today with the upcoming Garminfone.  Touted as the “first Android-powered smart phone fully integrated with Garmin’s premium navigation experience”, it features a 3.5-inch screen and a 3-megapixel camera with autofocus.

To differentiate the handset from other Android devices, the Garminfone offers some great personal navigation features.  For instance, users can navigate to an address just by clicking on it from within a text message , email, website, contact, or calendar appointment.  The camera automatically geotags images so you can find your way back to that new favorite spot on the beach or simply share them with friends and family.  The phone will also offer such GPS staples as real-time traffic, weather, local events, movie listings, and gas prices.

Like many Garmin devices, Garminefone provides fast and reliable directions with text-to-speech technology.  The phone’s display will  automatically switch between day and night mode for easier viewing when driving. This device marks the first to features the new Garmin Voice Studio app which allows customers to record and share their own voice directions.  Garminfone will come with a dashboard mount with a charging window allowing  customers to charge their phone while using it as a navigation device.

Look for more details on the phone as it approaches its spring release.  To learn more about Garminfone, head to the mini-site over at T-Mobile!