TV Output on HTC Droid Incredible!

Ever want to play movies, show pictures and give presentations from your Android handset via a TV screen or projector?  Well your wish has been granted in the form of the HTC Droid Incredible, as it has the capability with an optional composite video cable to do all of those things.

Anything you do on your handset screen will show up on your TV screen simultaneously.  This is a pretty impressive feature that obviously has a lot of uses.

The guys over at Wirefly have this awesome video of the TV Output functionality that the Droid Incredible has built into it’s little frame, check it out below.


  • Matt

    that is damn awesome, I hope the rumors of this phone coming to tmobile are true.

  • jerack

    That is ridiculously awesome… I envy you Verizon..

  • yeah I hope this comes to tmobile.. SICK!

  • Scott

    So where can you get a cable like that?

  • Meh – cool, but not the HD output of the Galaxy S.

  • bo barry

    The cable I bought on eBay does not fit the incredible droid as it says. With some grinding I got it to fit.
    However, the image is far from being clear.
    Readable, but no cigar!


  • Vienna

    Can you play music on your TV if you play it on your phone while it’s plugged into the tv?