Android Successfully Ported to iPhone


Well, it is official, Android has finally been ported over to the iPhone. Oh, and did I mention that it is dual-boot! This is something that is completely incredible and really made me drop my jaw.   Currently, the port is still in alpha despite most features working, but if you have a spare iPhone lying around and don’t mind putting in a little bit of work you could have this on your iPhone. I know I plan on trying it.  Check out the video to see how it’s done! Simply amazing!


Source: Boy Genius Report


  1. The video does not show the Android market or any Android Market applications. I think being able to run Android app is the most important feature because anything else (web browsing, phone call, messages) can be done in the original iPhone.
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  2. Stupid, Stupid, Just really really stupid, now we get to listen to more blather from apple fan boys about how they can run android on thier iphones, It just goes to show how universal android is and how apple has sold you apple iphone users a bunch of crap. Also shows that apple is going to fail in the app market cause now why should you buy from apple app store when you can get it from the android market and no apple telling you what you have to buy. RING RING! HELLO APPLE! PLEASE PICK UP THE TELEPHONE! blahhhhh…..

  3. I've been working on this quietly in the background. Sorry about the initial video quality, but YouTube promises that the quality will get better as the video gets processed more. The back part of the version I uploaded to Vimeo was cut off.
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  4. awesome i say. i cant stand apple fanboys lol, would be good to show them what the device can actually do with good software. shame its still an iphone haha

  5. Great post. The iphone has turned out to be a versatile device. I didn’t even realize you could port the Android over to the iphone like that. That really is incredible considering I just got my free iphone and I’d like to try to port the droid over like this.