Rogers urMusic – Don’t Waste urTime

Just released a couple days ago, urMusic is a media player and mobile box office. The only issue is that it’s not that great. I applaud Rogers Wireless taking a particular interest in Android but it definitely could have been done a lot better. It is quite clear they took an application from their regular java-enabled feature phones and stuck it on Android.  It doesn’t take advantage of the Android OS in any way. The first thing that enticed me into downloading it was the market description as follows:

Rogers urMusic turns your phone into the ultimate music player allowing you to import and sideload your existing music to your phone for FREE. Discover, browse and preview new music. Download songs and albums. Create your own playlists. Plus, get access to hot concert tickets with zero service charges!

My favourite part? ” import and sideload your existing music to your phone for FREE”, NO WAY! I love sideloading music I own for free! Getting serious though, the application does the basic functionality of letting you search your library, play music, and shuffle. In addition to the simple media player the application forwards you to a mobile optimized site that lets you buy and download music as well as purchase concert tickets. As you saw in the description there is no service charges on all concert tickets but I can’t say that will drive me to use a basic media player that forwards me to my phone’s browser. I really think the app is more of an advertisement for people to start using the urMusic service to purchase concert tickets and to also increase sales for overpriced music from Rogers. So as I said in the title, don’t waste your time, and rather go straight to the urMusic website to save on service charges.

Music Player
urMusic Box Office
  • Daniel

    I haven't read the article yet but the title should be, Don't waste urTime! The opportunity is too good to pass up.

  • pashcan

    I think Rogers should focus on keeping their handsets updated with the current version of Android instead of wasting our time with a decrepit music player. I'm still stuck with version 1.5 on my LG Eve. Obviosly I can root the phone and load whatever firmware I choose (I've just been lazy), but what about novice users who are forced to use last year's version…

  • Don't you think that it is so excited that urMusic gives us access to the best Live Nation concerts with Wireless Box Offic, a mobile ticketing service where Rogers pays the service charges….

  • I haven't read the article yet but the title should be, Don't waste urTime! The opportunity is too good to pass up.

  • Mike

    I am dumping this p.o.s. It's buggy and never operated properly on my BB8310. The licences didn't sideload properly to the handset so I couldn't play music that worked on my computer. It took forever to load on my phone and had very few features as a player that made it attractive.

    Rogers needs to de-bug but until they do I won't renew the subscription.

  • eka

    great post!! i like it :p

  • Blugin

    it would be nice to try if it didn’t take so long to register what the heck is a confirmation code.
    so thank you and I am definitely not going to waste time money and space

  • Allishia_Fair11

    I can’t renew even if I wanted to. Annd its still okay to charge me the ten dollars a month I guess hey! B.s!

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