Telus Motorola Milestone, Get Some 2.1 Love

Droid owners got their update many weeks ago, now the Telus Motorola Milestone is up at bat. The update is not over-the-air (OTA) so don’t stop reading this post just yet. The update must be downloaded from the Motorola website and applied via computer. Visit the Motorola Support Website, select Telus as the carrier and Milestone as the phone type. After you have done this you will be provided with detailed instructions on what you will need and how to apply the update to your phone. It should be noted that this update will cause your device to lose all media including pictures, photos, and even any apps that did not come with the phone. Enjoy the update and see you on the other side with live wallpapers and more homescreens!

Source: Androinica

  • Cor

    I did the update and didn't loose anything (quite frankly, that would have been ridiculous). But why can't they make this OTA? And why only a Windows installer? And why are so many of the promised features for 2.1 missing (updated home screen navigation, new app launcher, voice typing)?

  • Sam

    I did the update and wondering that too…
    The extendable 9 home screen is nice but…

  • jon

    Did the update yesterday and i did NOT loose any personal data. My phone was exactly the same, just updated. Still doing tests with it, but it looks like the music skipping issue has been fixed. Drove to work and back (where i usually get alot of skipping) and got NO skipping!!! Bluetooth headset now works with built in voice dial.

  • Marco

    No data loss and almost no new features. Seems someone took a long time to strip out all the features from 2.1.