Thursday Night Podcast Tonight 7PM Pacific 10PM Eastern!


Haven’t listened to our Thursday Night Podcast live yet? You simply don’t know what you’re missing! We have a good time, give away tons of prizes, and feature incredible guests on the show all in an upbeat format. Tonight we’ll be covering:

  • New Dell Android handsets.
  • Android Garmin phone coming to TMO.
  • UK  and Ireland now have navigation!
  • Android 2.2 soon?
  • Interview with Mike McSherry, CEO of Swype Inc.

Be sure to tune in at 7PM Pacific, 10PM Eastern to catch our podcast and win some sweet gear from!


  1. Absolutely should be a "Droidcast".

    "Pod" is from iPod" , an Apple product.
    Wait until Apple buys ARM and no more Snapdragons for Droid phones..
    Wake up and smell the coffee people!