October 24, 2014

Android Market to Hit 50,000 Apps in Time for Google I/O

With all the recent talk about Android growth and trying to sway developers to the platform, we thought we’d stroll by Androlib to get a feel for where the number of apps sits today.  Now, we know that Androlib is in no way the official word on actual figures.  We realize that until Google announces a figure, everything else is suspect.  However, we have always found Androlib helpful in looking at the overall picture and trends.  The charts they put together help us to see the bigger picture.

As of this writing, there are 47,517 total applications in the Android Market.  At the rate things have been going we can likely expect the unofficial number to eclipse 50,000 sometime in the coming week or two.  In terms of paid versus free apps, things haven’t changed much over the last few months.  Roughly 40 percent of the available titles are paid while the rest are offered at no upfront cost.  Surprisingly, the ratings for Android are rather favorable with only one in five apps rated at 1 star.  We’d like to think those are the soundboards and sexy wallpaper apps churned out a dozen at a time.  Be sure to check out Androlib for more information and pretty charts!

Prediction: Google officially announces the Android Market has 50,000 apps at next month’s Google I/O conference.