Automatic App Updating Coming in Android 2.2

One Android feature that our readers have been asking for is the ability to update all applications and games to the latest release.   It’s not uncommon for the average user to see 15 or more notifications a day indicating new versions of downloaded apps.  As phones get bigger and allow for more applications, the headache will only get worse.  It appears Google understands this and has taken steps to address the situation.  Rather than a full blown “update all” option, the Market found in Android 2.2 appears it will give users the option to automatically update apps in the background.

Would you use this feature? Are the total opt-in type?  Do you only trust specific developers?

Source: 4chan via Phandroid

  • Bryan

    I would like to see day/night switching (black background instead of white) on all screens. Can we get that in 2.2???

  • Jon

    Well some apps are OK to update, I stil have a few that I don't want to update, I'd actually like to SEE which one's are going to be updated so that I'm aware of the apps newest features and fixes, you feel me?

    • Steve

      I'd like the ability to have it update all apps whose permissions haven't changed. If the developer of an flashlight app suddenly changes to include access to all my data, I don't want that update to install automatically.

      • Keith

        My fear was something close this this but more along the lines of the developer moving from a completely free app to a trial version with less functionality forcing me to pay for the upgrade.

  • Donovan

    i agree, if they were to do this i would like to have the option to set which apps get the auto and which i want to know about first. that would be ideal.. ill let google maps and other google apps update all day if they want but i may not want the same for others.. maybe to incorporate an email at least with new updated features on certain apps that i choose..

    sky is the limit and things will only get easier from here..

  • kcx

    The need for for frequent updates is buggy apps that developers insist on releasing for the most trivial reasons. I'd rather let someone else do the beta testing and I'll update after it's proven to be stable.

  • InfamousBird

    It gives you the option to choose which apps to auto update. look at the pic, they chose to auto update google maps.

  • fyshgrll

    Sounds awesome but also sounds like a great opp for malignant virus-creators to build back doors. Call me paranoid but the least I would expect is for my beloved android to get hi-jacked into doing tiny bot work… That said, I am easily frustrated with the daily updates. I guess I would use the option if it was parsed out per app like the image suggests and I could pick and choose who I hoped I could trust to keep their apps secure and clean.

  • DanielR

    Where’s the wifi proxy support?

    • idg

      Buy an IPhone if want proxy support. After waiting and waiting I sold my Desire and bought an IPhone. long live Steve Jobs . . .

  • great post!! i like it :p

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