Velocity Micro’s Cruz Tablet: Under $300 with Full Flash Support

With the market for Android-based tablets slowly picking up steam, Velocity Micro, a high-performance custom computer producer out of Richmond, VA, is entering the fray.

The Cruz tablet is billed as an affordable touchscreen e-reader and tablet. The Cruz will run Android 2.1 with what is presumably a custom browser capable of supporting Flash 10.1. Also, it appears that the Cruz, like its Archos brethren, will not have access to the Android Market. Owners of the Cruz will, however, have access to the Cruz Market, which is an open content portal.

The Cruz sports a 7″ capacitive multitouch touchscreen, an 800MHz processor, and expandable storage via an SD card slot. There is no release date yet, but Velocity Micro promises that the Cruz is coming soon. Go to for more information.

  • Ratnok

    The screenshot shows Android 1.6- which is it? 2.1 or 1.6?

  • James

    Android needs to fix the market so non-cellular devices have access. Otherwise the theft of APKs from hacked sources will go up as soon as a decent tablet hits.

    • It's not Androids fault. If a tablet comes with _Google_ Android, Market will be available. Problem is, most tablet manufacturers use generic or their own builds of Android, and the Google controlled Market isn't available. However, there's plenty of alternatives to official Market.

  • Joe Cruz

    I like the name.

  • hahaha, none of their links on the site work at all! looks and sounds interesting / promising, but i'm gonna withhold my excitement until i get more info.

    • It was just announced yesterday, so hopefully their website will be up and working soon.

      They are a big deal in the custom computer manufacturing industry, so this looks to be a promising tablet!

  • no support for android market… thats kinda disappointing.

  • eka

    thank you so much for info. i like it :p

  • whow its pretty cheap but i thing the compatibility is a little bit low,,

  • Michelle

    This looked like an alternate to the iPad. I would purchase one in a minute if I could load the Amazon Kindle software on it.

    • mark

      Kindle goes on it, no problem. (I bought one & did it.)

  • Geek E

    Just picked one of these up. No market even though they claim there is a “Cruz Market”, but its just a dead link off the home screen. Its Android 2.0 so no flash at all. Save your money and buy a HD2 and run Android off the storage card it runs better and not that much smaller.

  • Steve B

    Spoke with a rep from the company, and the docking station shown in the photo above is a dummy. They have no current plans to a working dock.

  • Don Merry

    1. How do we download drivers for the cruz tablet to interface with our computers?

    2. How do we get android aps to work?

    • Paul

      is there a driver

  • Dan Weber

    Bought Cruz reader Sunday for $100. The marketplace is accessed from device. I’ve just started downloading, but they have Kindle app. More later.

  • New Cruzer


    I am a new owner of the T3100 Cruz Tablet, and was hoping to be able to use it for Quicken or Quickbooks or am even open to a similar software. According to Customer Service at VME, there is nothing.
    Whats your take on this?

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