Dell Roadmap Leaked, Reveals Android Netbooks

Ok, so we know that Dell loves Android, but we didn’t know they love Android this much!  Android Central is reporting that a Dell product roadmap has been leaked and it features new Android goodies!  These goodies include the “Sparta” netbook tablet and “Athens,” a 0.9-kilogram “true netbook”, both of which appear to fall under the 11-inch category or so, with an ARM processor, optional 3G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. There’s also the LG Pro, which looks to be the 7-inch Looking Glass ( I am totally getting this device!).

Something else interesting about the roadmap is it shows that the Dell Streak is headed for T-Mobile and Vodafone as rumored! Apparently, a Chinese version of the Streak is also in the works.

Remember though folks, this roadmap is subject to change! Nothing is set in stone.

Source: Android Central

  • Alan

    The roadmap clearly shows that these products are to be launched in 2011, not 2010. So they are at least 13 months away.

    Great to see Dell committ to ARM and Android though.

    • Anon

      FWIW Dell's FY11 (Fiscal Year 2011) started on about February 1, 2010 and runs to the end of January 2011. So Q3FY11 is actually August, September and October 2010.

  • Interesting post, bookmark your is like an article I saw submitted a couple of month ago. I can’t remember the particular webpage.