First 3D Screen Mobile Handset?

Engadget is reporting that the handset pictured to the left is yet another leaked piece of upcoming hardware, this time from Motorola. Called the Moto MT820, this handsets appears to be a potentially exciting piece of equipment for the China telecom market.  head to Engadget for a full gallery of images but long story short, here’s what you’ll find – This unit has a forward facing camera, physical home, power, camera and volume buttons as well as a microSD slot hidden under the cover of the phone.

While all of that seems a bit ho-hum, you may be asking yourself what is so exciting about this handset?  That’s when I call your attention to the odd flip cover you can see in the pic.  It is rumored that this flip cover is the first implementation of the 3D screen patent that Motorola applied for a while back. 

The premise is simple – When the cover is open, the screen shows normal 2D images and operates like a normal touch screen.  When you close said flip cover, the images from the screen take on a “3D-like appearance” which you can interact with.  The flip cover also operates as a touch sensor for the handset.

I have to admit that I am sucker for new tech, and the idea of a 3d mobile handset intrigues me.  I know that it is gimmicky to say the least, but man I want to see it.  This handset as mentioned above is for the China Mobile network.  It will be interesting to see if indeed it is going to have the 3d capability built in, and what it will operate like.