Verizon’s Nexus One Not Happening, Buy Its Cousin Instead

After waiting patiently for the Nexus One to arrive on Verizon‘s network, customers have learned today that there will be no such animal.  The official Google Phone store has removed the placeholder indicating a spring launch and replaced it with a blurb about buying the “similarly feature-packed cousin”, the Droid Incredible.  No word has been been given as to why the Nexus One was scrapped.

Related to 3G issues?  Worry over cannibalization of Droid Incredible?  Fear that it wouldn’t sell as compared to the latest and greatest?  Chime in with your guess below!

  • Steve

    Because its not GSM? Google can't just sell a phone that a subscriber can insert a SIM in? Your locked into phone that Verizon approve?

    Are they the Apple of phone companies?

    • Google does sell a phone that a subscriber can insert any SIM into: it's called the unlocked Nexus One, and it can be yours for $529. But SIM cards are only for GSM, and Verizon uses CDMA.

      Verizon doesn't restrict you to phones they approve – you can activate CDMA phones from other carriers. At this point, however, it seems like there might not be a CDMA version of the Nexus One after all. Maybe the FCC listings people were so excited about were actually for the Droid Incredible?

  • I could care less about VZW. I just hope Sprint doesn't force me into getting the EVO 4G. I've held the HD2 and it's just too big for me. I want the Nexus One.

  • That's too bad if it is true. It kind of abandons everyone who wants a strong device on VZW without the Sense UI or Motorola as the manufacturer (new Skyhook Partnership included).

    Not to mention the Verizion's "seamless" OTA upgrades that the Droid received… heh.

  • Kenny

    If I were Android 2.2, 2.3, 2.4… I bet I'll be deployed to the Nexus one first

    Incredible users? See you in 2011~
    (just look at those poor Hero users who had been disappointed again and again)

  • bruce mcl

    I don't think Verizon ever intended to have the Nexus One on their network. Verizon always had a link to one of their Android phones on the Google Nexus web page, which is what they wanted. First was the Droid, now it's the Incredible instead of the Droid.

    It is nice of them to remove lie about the coming Verizon Nexus One, but I don't think Verizon cares much about being honest. The lie isn't needed any more, so it's gone now.

    Deceiving customers to keep them from switching carriers is business as usual for Verizon, as it is for most carriers. Maybe Verizon deceived Google as well, or maybe Google played along as part of the price for Verizon adopting Android.

  • The Nexus One and Incredible both make me say "meh". A physical keyboard is a must-have for certain applications (SSH, some games and most emulators). The Motorola Droid is still king, as far as I can tell.

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