Why I Don't Hate Apple

    Being an Android user,  most people automatically assume that I hate Apple. While I’m not an Apple fangirl and don’t currently own any Apple products, I don’t hate the company in the least.  Apple is incredibly innovative, no one can argue that. Both the iPod and iPhone changed the way people looked at their respective markets.  The change the iPhone brought about in the smartphone market paved the way for platforms like Android.

    So why do some choose to hate Apple?  I think for most people it boils down to Apple’s recent tendency to close their platform.  All iPhone apps must going through an increasingly subjective review process and developers just don’t know if their creations will be allowed on the iPhone.  Unfortunately, they have to put in the work to creating the app before they find out.

    This decision to control what goes onto their phone is not necessarily bad or evil, it’s business. Their reasons are twofold, one I agree with, one I don’t.  One reason they keep such a tight rein on what apps can be sold to their consumers is performance.  They don’t want apps that will drain the battery and slow things on the phone down.  I’m completely fine with this stance, though personally I would prefer to determine what I’m willing to sacrifice performance for and what I’m not.

    Another reason for their dictatorial approach is moral in nature. Apple doesn’t want their phone to be associated with anything they deem morally questionable.  While I can understand this from a PR perspective, as a consumer it simply makes me roll my eyes. The phone has a browser, people can access what they want from there so this seems like a bit of a futile effort to me.

    Because Apple’s desire to control conflicts with my own control freak tendencies,  I can’t ever see myself getting an iPhone but I’m glad that it’s out there.  The competition it gives Android means I can continue to expect the excellent upgrades to the platform that we have been seeing.  Without this competition Google wouldn’t have as much incentive to work as quickly.  In the end, I get a better product because of Apple.  Who can hate that?

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    • A great explanation, on how competition benefits all of us as consumers, Good read

    • True, except Apple has always been a fan of closing their systems…it's not a recent thing. Of course, I am a devout Apple hater, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt 😉

      But I agree with you on the competition side of things.

    • I'm not sure I'd say I hate Apple, but you probably wouldn't be far off if you thought I did.
      More than anything though, I don't trust their products, and some of their fanbase is just annoying.
      I have to be honest, at one point I tried to like apple. There was something cool about them. But every one of their products disappointed me. Everyone raves about them, but I see them fail constantly. I hardly know anyone who hasn't raved about how cool it is that they can take their mac into an apple store to get it fixed, but what that really means is that just about everyone I know who owns a mac has had problems with it, and had to get it fixed.
      And one thing that just annoys the crap out of me is that people who love apple products act like Apple is the first to come up with any good idea, while in actuality, they're usually behind the times. The whole Android vs. iPhone thing is a great example of that. There are so many features and even apps that were on Android first, but now people boast about how their iPhone has this or that feature, and I just have to shake my head.
      Also, whenever I show people my htpc setup they're amazed… their apple setups can't do that.

      At the end of the day I do recognize that the competition is doing great things for everyone. Every mobile and computing company is stepping up their game, and that's good for everyone. But just as in sports, I'm going to root for my team, and I'm gonna say that the other team sucks!

      • jayhammy

        Interesting reply. I have only Macs in the house and an AppleTV and Apple Airport Extreme router with wireless N. However, I draw the line there. Apple doesn't close off who can make apps for their computers; why should they for their iPhone? I can't stand the Iphone fanboys who whip out their devices to show it off. It's very annoying! I've been an avid Blackberry fan for years–until now when I get my HTC Incredible. 🙂

    • I don't hate Apple. I can't hate something that truly is at times unique and beneficial to people. But I have hard time respecting such a company that is so close minded.

    • Kirst

      I don't hate Apple in fact I love my Macbook and iPod but I also love my Android!

    • togardergrosse

      "I’m completely fine with this stance, though personally I would prefer to determine what I’m willing to sacrifice performance for and what I’m not."

      Best quotes regarding the recent issues with Apple and their arrogance… 🙂

    • *d.*

      Uhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … What about things like lying to shareholders so as to keep stocks up, like Jobs did during his liver problems? How about a standard practice of filing patents they will never ever use, or the common marketing technique of Mr. Jobs when he downs something ("People don't read anymore") just to turn around and release said horrible product the next year (iPad)? A tendency to sue or block competitors rather than out innovate them (HTC)? Lastly, you seriously can't tell me the overwhelmingly simplistic iPhone OS UI, nor the current design of unibody (read:don't open or tinker with) MacBooks is actually "beneficial to people" …by dumbing them down? By making your computer settings just another app? Having customers repeat inane bullcrap like a totally black background is "sleek & elegant?"

      When Chinese factories get contracts with Apple, you get to read/report on all the fun things that company will then do to keep said contract (c.i.p.: Foxconn) When Apples sues every Android handset maker, you'll get to defend them then, also.

      Apples gets hate because, as a locked down, expensive tech company for idiots, it's products are often the Head Cheerleader of the tech world: They look great as arm candy, but functionality wise they're a joke.

    • hi,really good apple,do you know where i can find that good.thanks,Vox

    • EricNorris

      Yeah, there actually is a lot to hate about apple. They say they're customer service based but it's far from that. They are more likely to kick their customers when they are down rather than fix their iPhones. Just read this:

    • Hey, Are you going to be writing a follow up piece? My spouse and myself have used some time looking over your web page and funnily enough you highlighted some thing i was dealing with only the other week with our son’s football coach. We often find ourselves arguing over the littlest of things, isn’t it foolish?

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