December 21, 2014

You Tell Us: What is the Best Android Phone/Carrier Combo?

Time for some reader feedback!  We want to know which Android handset and wireless provider make for the best combination.  Is it the Droid Incredible because of the hardware? Maybe something from T-Mobile because of rate plans?

Leave your opinion in the comments below!

  • rev2redlineguy

    Nexus One & T-Mobile. They have the best rates with the Even More Plus (read it baby…NO CONTRACT!). Okay so you have to pay full price for a phone but for people who can afford it, it's well worth it. You can also make payments on your phone for even the more budget-minded person…woo-hoo!

  • stevebanfield

    I'm in love with my Nexus One on AT&T

  • @bkbonner

    I have to agree with Ben. After looking at the plans for Sprint. I can get a family everything plan for 4 people for $42.50/person? I have Sprint for EVDO Air Card and it's fast. I'm paying more than that with Tmo for three people (An android phone and two blackberries) Moving to Sprint will save me some real coin.

  • Android

    T-Mobile / Nexus One

  • Ken

    Nexus One / T Mobile the nexus is the best android phone available right now. I got mine a month after release. I LOVE IT. Best phone I ever had. Came from the Wing to the G1. I haven't had any 3G issues or many problems that standout. The phone is super fast, calls a clear on both end (dual mics) and I can surf the web and talk with Tmobile. Multitouch, free turn by turn directions and Google voice works flawlessly in 2.1. I can't wait for 2.2 to bring Adobe Flash support. Also because the Nexus One is googles official phone it will always get updates first. While most people are awaiting 2.0 or 2.1 I've been enjoying it for months now. With Google and Adobe that flash is coming in the first half of the year Im looking for 2.2 to hit anyday now. The Nexus also supports docks that give unlock special features. I can listen to my stero playing music through the docks Bluetooth and still have my phone in hand surfing the web, how cool is that. NEXUS ONE KILLA

    • gururise

      Agreed. T-Mobile / Nexus One combo cannot be beat in terms of price/performance!

  • meh

    Have Hero on Sprint right now, will get Evo when it comes out.
    As far as plans there is little competition:
    25% employee discount on my family plan with 5 people on it; unlimited data, text and mobile to mobile on any carrier. $30 a month for each of us after taxes and fees.

  • A S

    How do you make the unlimited VoIP calls with the Nexus One?

  • A S

    All the people mentioning Nexus One / T-Mobile combo – have you guys not experienced any 3G issues?

    • gururise

      No 3g issues whatsoever. I'm in Los Angeles and get excellent coverage with T-Mobile.

  • mahogany1

    TMobile but the worse selection of phones.

  • AP0000

    T-Mobile is by far the most customer oriented of the big 4 (although sprint is a close 2nd). They give you options that Verizon and ATT wont since they care about their customers.

    I have a Nexus 1 and pay $34 a month for unlimited data and can make free unlimited voip calls with it.

  • @sheilaloring

    Sprint with a Samsung Moment. Sprint has the best phones and plans in my area.

  • jazrawk22

    Had the mytouch on tmobile was paying almost $200 for two phones plus it was super slow and Lagged majorly…switched to the hero on Sprint now only paying $109 for 3 phones and is super fast and good service

  • Howard

    Droid on Verizon…waiting for the release of the HTC!

  • darkness

    I worked for sprint in the past and its not the best company but tmobile does have a lot of different android phones, so if you don't like they have more to choose from any more coming plus the plans are affordable and have the choice in contract or non contract plans. Plus the web add on is cheaper then any other carrier unlimited everything for 79.99 and can make payments for your phone.

  • Morten

    Any Norwegian carrier (2-5mbit 3G, all day, every day). And probably HTC Desire.

  • weepixel

    simyo / N1

  • Miguel

    T-Mobile Even More PLUS plans and Nexus One!!!

    Those suckers on AT&T (and soon Sprint) are buying UNSUBSIDIZED Nexus One’s and still paying full monthly rates.

  • Brian

    VZ / Moto Droid

  • Shawn

    Nexus One/ T-Mobile

  • gururise

    T-Mobile / Nexus One – Gorgeous 3.7" AMOLED display. 1Ghz Snapdragon. Stock Android. Completely unlocked and open. Fast updates.. Need I say more??

  • Greg

    @tenkely, I agree 100% if they keep crippling the Android devices the more techie consumers will move away from AT&T. However, the even more tech savy will go right around the handicap that AT&T puts down as seen in the Backflip.

    Derrick, I was just talking about that. If they would just drop the price on the Nexus One, I'd grab one myself! So your really loving the best of both worlds, lucky!!

  • hazydave


    The Droid is exactly what I waited a year-and-a-half for in a smart phone. My Treo died, and I had pretty much had enough of Palm by then anyway. I knew what I wanted. I was certain it was Android, but the G1 and some of the others didn't really do it for me. Then I read about the Droid, and haven't looked back since… perfect. Great thing about Android, though… if the Droid's not perfect for you, there's bound to be one that is. None of this "if it's right for Steve Jobs… don't think so? We have Kool-Aid for you, have a drink and learn to live the iPhone". It's a tool, not a cult.

    Verizon gets high marks. I was on Verizon anyway, with a dumb phone on a family plan. Cost me $100 for the Droid and $30 additional per month for the network. Not a problem. I already knew their network was good.. it's the only one that reaches my cellar (home office), and only one of two (the other being AT&T) that reaches the indoors of my house.

    I went from South Jersey to Boston and back, listening to music the whole way via Pandora… never the slightest glitch. That's a reliable network.

  • Claysu

    T-Mobile and G1/Nexus One-The Best

  • Ed Greenberg

    Carrier choice is a really personal, and important decision, and I think that for many power users it comes before device choice. Reliability, cost, coverage, customer service and, of course, contract status drive this choice.

    I rejected iPhone because I wasn't willing to switch from Verizon. I was very happy when the Droid came out, and bought one the first day. I still recommend this platform, though I'll be interested in new Verizon offerings as they come out, and as my contract allows for upgrade.

  • rollyp80

    Tmobile and Nexus One……great service plans…..and amazing phone! very pretty to look at as well…..

  • PinOKC

    I have the Nexus One/TMobile and I have problems in some areas. Unfortunately one of them is at home and I made this my primary phone…

  • Ben

    Over all I would say HTC with Sense UI. However the X10 mini is very interesting and takes Android in a slighly different direction.

    In the UK Vodafone seem to be pushing Android the hardest. Their coverage is pretty good too.

  • khay

    thank you so much for info. great post!! i like it :p

  • Kick_rocks86

    Recently purchased the new samsung galaxy from boost mobile. Unlimited talk, text and data. $50 per month. Great coverage. No contract. Payment shrinks $5 every six months. Quite satisfied.

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