Andy Rubin Reacts to Steve Jobs, Likens Apple to North Korea

The Man

The NY Times has a great little interview with Google VP Andy Rubin where he talks about Android’s future among other things.  When asked his thoughts on the recent Steve Jobs comments about Android offering porn, Andy says he doesn’t quite get where Jobs was coming from.  “I don’t really have a rationale for that,” he said. “It’s a different style of interacting with the public and the media.”

Rubin believes that Android will overtake iPhone in terms of handsets sold although he didn’t specify as to when.  “I don’t know when its might be, but I’m confident it will happen. Open usually wins.”  The NY Times wondered whether or not the typical customer cares about open versus closed and if it really matters in the end.  Rubin believes consumers will, adding, “When they can’t have something, people do care. Look at the way politics work. I just don’t want to live in North Korea.”

The rest of the interview touches on Chrome and Android tablets, how Android addresses API’s, and Flash coming to the next release of Android.  Flash and Froyo can now be officially mentioned in the same breath.

So how would the head Android himself handle a lost protoype?

“I’d be happy if that happened and someone wrote about it.  With openness comes less secrets.”

  • Right on Andy! He's part of the reason Android has been such a success.

  • Kenny

    Open is great, but these android people just don't have a business mind on how to operate it. Just look at how crap the android market is…

    not open at all, a closed property owned by Google. They should rename it Google market and remove that domain from the package name.

    They took 30% out of paid apps, but are not doing anything like Apple (enthusiasm in maintaining the store, making tv ads introducing 3rd party apps, and many other gestures). That's really a shame.

    To sum it up, Android is great; "Android Market" sucks!

  • hazydave

    I think the critical element at first is "open to developers"… users come later.

    Part of this is the open-to-phone-developers part. When I go computer shopping, there are ten or fifteen major brands of WIndows PC, and there's Apple. I can get two or three sizes of virtually identical, overpriced laptops from Apple, an all-in-one (the iMac, a "desktop" built inside a monitor using laptop components), or a larger one, but they're all the same.

    Then I look in the PC section… which is the other 90% of the store. PCs come in every shape and size. I can get a netbook or cheap desktop for $250, or a multiprocessor rack mount, or anything in-between. I can "roll my own" from tons of commodity and specialty components. Apple could include a free naked serving wench with every Mac purchase, and I'd still have to question the deal.

    The same thing is already happening with smart phones, and tablets are "on deck". The iPhone is a fine enough smart phone, if you don't mind the fairly ugly look of the thing (chrome was fine on my '61 T-Bird… haven't had much taste for it since). But it's one size fits all. The iPad's the next one up… one size fits all. And in both cases, the size is "extra small"… they're just charging more money and leaving out features.

    So today, you can buy one iPhone with a few memory options from AT&T, or dozens of different Android phones from nearly every hardware vendor and network provider. We read here every month of another super amazing Android phone release or rumor… over in the iPhone world? Well, it's been a boom year… three big annoucements (iPad, iPhoneOS, and Real Soon Now, the new iPhone that leaked out two weeks ago… which itself was kind of a yawn, far as I can tell). At least they nixed the chrome trim.

  • thank you so much for info. great post!! i like it :p

  • cashxx

    Yea he did an awesome job copying the iPhone…..WOW!! Great job!!

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