U.S. Cellular to Launch the HTC Desire in July

Praise the Android Gods, we now have a date for when the HTC Desire will launch on U.S. Cellular!   According to the U.S. Cellular Facebook page, the HTC Desire will be launching sometime in July so get your checkbooks ready. Originally, it was thought the HTC Desire would land on more carriers, but it appears that U.S. Cellular has scored an exclusive.  Honestly, I am kinda surprised this phone didn’t land on one of the “big four.”  So, how many U.S. Cellular customers are excited? Let us know!

Source: Android and Me

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  1. canuck in WI
    April 28, 06:40 Reply


    It's about time USCC got involved in the smart/superphones…
    Question is, do I spring for the Desire, or wait to make the decision until they release the info on the 'other' android-based phone they will be carrying…

    • Rocky
      May 30, 23:34 Reply

      this is awesome i have patiently waiting for android phone from USCC. with their services this is going to be a hit .

  2. @josh_jpenguin
    July 05, 18:16 Reply

    Well, it's July. This thing better get out soon, personally I want US CCell to carry the Wildfire; but I really think the should start carrying Android phones

  3. khay
    July 13, 18:15 Reply

    thank you so much for info. great post!! i like it :p

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