October 20, 2014

Android, the Freedom to Develop, Customize and Organize


It is exciting to be involved with a rapidly advancing technology that allows participation on an individual level.  As Android fans, we are all involved in shaping an ecosystem that will encompass individuals with a vast expanse of knowledge and needs.  This system gives each individual tools for flexing their uniqueness, as well as a greatly enhanced set of fundamental applications that make life less chaotic.

Every individual has very different needs regarding the function of their cell phone, which is why Android is a great choice for us gals. We are very particular about the expression of our individuality. When I compare my applications and settings to my male counterparts, these differences are made more manifest. Even though I enjoy games occasionally, I predominantly use my moment for information inquiry, communication and organization.  It has allowed me to be more structured and focused in accomplishing my day to day tasks or goals.

The following are some applications I have found useful:

Google has really tapped into a unique market, by getting developers and consumers involved in shaping the development of Android. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. A growth environment has been created that fosters the imagination, creativity and individuality. Whether indirect or direct, we are all involved in shaping a cutting edge technology that is unfolding right before the eyes of us gals and guys.