Three Android-Related Sessions for Google I/O Listed as TBA. Why?

We’re only a few short weeks away from the two-day developer event known as Google I/O.  Android developers and enthusiasts are expecting to hear some big things about our favorite mobile platform.  At this stage, we fully expect Andy Rubin and pals to give us our first looks at the next build of Android, Froyo.  Once the keynotes are finished, developers are encouraged to participate in various breakout sessions, campfires, and roundtables. 

As of right now, there are 7 Android-related sessions spread out over May 19th and 20th.  Taking a quick look at the calendar, we see a few spots left open on Thursday with “TBA” listed under Android for three time frames.  Now of course there are other TBAs listed next to a couple of other categories, but we like to think Google could be waiting to reveal these after a keynote.  Perhaps something like “Integrating Flash into your Android app” or something along those lines?

Why would we think Google might be deliberately holding out on us?  Tim Bray, a recently hired Developer Advocate,  just took to twitter with a vague, possibly coy tweet.

Google IO session schedule. Interesting TBA’s:

If anyone would/should know what Google is doing, he ought to be one of the inside guys.  Could he be teasing us with something awesome?  On the other hand, maybe he just happened to stumble upon the calendar in a totally innocent manner.

Do any of you have a guess as to what these sessions will be about?

Thanks Chuck!

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  • @therealriley

    Some of the Advocates on Twitter are hinting at these TBA sessions…

    Super secret stuff that Google are yet to announce me thinks, hopes!

    Push Notification support please!!!

  • Chuck Falzone

    Who else besides Tim Bray, Thomas?