Bloomberg: Sony to Announce Android-Based Dragonpoint TV at Google I/O

Bloomberg is reporting today that Sony is expected to unveil their new televisions based off a new version  of Android called Dragonpoint.  We’re going to go ahead and say this name will be a play on words “Drag N’ Point”.  The name alone already has us conjuring up ideas of pointing and dragging icons, apps, and typing with a keyboard that uses dragging.  Swype anyone?

Google, Intel, and Sony have been working together for quite some time to bring the world a “Google TV”.  They’ve also been partnering up with Logitech to develop a keyboard that doubles as a remote control.  The television is built using Intel’s Atom processor which is a scaled down version of their PC chips.  This “Smart TV” experience will tie Internet access and other web-based services together and offer more advanced television guides.

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