High Demand Puts Droid Incredible On Back-Order

Okay, so if you want a Droid Incredible before May 4th, you may want to head down to your local Verizon store.  The official Verizon website has already thrown up a semi-warning that the Droid Incredible will ship by May 4th, indicating low stock and high demand.  This isn’t to say your phone won’t be there sooner, but to lower expectations a tad.  We’d love to know how many phones were on hand for this initial rush and what the actual figures look like.  Get ready for headlines like “Incredibly High Demand for Latest Verizon Smart Phone“.

  • mauriceh

    It was obvious from the beginning that Verison had zero intentions of selling an unlocked phone.
    They have ALWAYS maintained their position on controlling the phones, the software on them and the lock-in on them.
    Those who had hoped otherwise were being foolish and ignoring the past.
    Now we have the Apple/Crackberry fanboyz team using this as a PR tool to say :Oh look, Nexus One is failing!".
    How silly.

  • Lez

    I just saw the VZ website and the Droid Incredible is on backorder until 6/14 now… I also called and was still given my original date of 5/29….I don't think I will switch just for the sake of the evo…I like more coverage and Sprint does not supply this…at this rate.. Verizon stand to either make a killing or cause themselves to look foolish over supply and demand… waiting patiently…ugghh

    • Verizon Rep

      Lez, the 6/14 date is only for phones that are ordered today. If you were given a 5/29 date, that should be pretty firm. Glad to hear you are waiting it out, you wont be dissapointed, the phone is amazing. There isn't really an issue with supply and demand, the manufacturing plant is full of phones, just a problem with the manufacturer that makes the screens. They missed a delivery deadline, and it caused operations to be at stand still. You'll be enjoying your phone soon!

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