McAfee Offers Free Anti-Malware Software to SK Telecom’s Android Phones

McAfee, Inc. has announced that they are providing McAfee VirusScan Mobile to Android users of Korea’s SK Telecom. The anti-malware solution is designed to secure Android-based handsets in the same manner that McAfee does for desktops. Further, the app secures personal information, offers automatic updates, and prodivdes real-time scanning. McAfee VirusScan Mobile is available as a free download to customers with a Motorola XT720. More handsets are expected before long and McAfee plans to support them as well.

Would you download McAfee VirusScan for your Android handset if it were made available to you? Why or why not? Leave a comment below and share your reasoning.

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  1. servo
    April 29, 15:56 Reply

    would never put mcafee on my phone it might shutdown!

    (and it can't even secure my desktop)

  2. bigrob029
    April 29, 17:41 Reply

    If android is built on linux, isnt it pretty much virus resistant in the first place?
    I dont need McAfee to wreck my pc AND my phone.

  3. Linuxfreak
    April 30, 02:13 Reply

    Have one word for them, LINUX. No one needs this to reside on their Android phone unless your are ad-hoc tethering a winbox. Mccrap and symantics are a 2 billion dollar a year business built on protecting winjunk. Linux distros including Android does not need it and will never need it.

  4. Nick
    May 03, 13:27 Reply

    Mc Afee will never get installed on any of my devices! Not even if they paid me an annual suscription!

  5. khay
    July 13, 18:05 Reply

    very nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p

  6. FrNigel
    August 11, 14:42 Reply

    McAfee have given ace protection on the PCs on my home network for the last 5 years, so I look forward to using it on my phone as well.

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