MyCoupons – Find Great Deals via An Android App

Who else out here loves free stuff, or even discounts on the things we love and want? I’m a huge fan of saving money, especially now that several of us are out of work or hardly working due to economic hardship. To make finding deals easier, the Survey Notify team has created an app that provides you with coupons, discount codes, and even free magazine subscriptions in real time. This app can be found in the Android Market searching “MyCoupons” or quick scan the bar code below.

The MyCoupons app provides you pocket sized savings by posting the latest and greatest coupons and discounts in real time. The application is GPS enable so you can find local savings. Note: those who live in small towns might not have access to local listings, but those in larger towns like San Diego or Chicago will see local listings if area businesses have provided information.

Come across a coupon or deal you want to share? Not a problem with MyCoupons. You can actually share coupons via text message, email, facebook, and twitter which is handy if you have friends who have not made the switch to Android and can’t enjoy the benefits of MyCoupons yet.

MyCoupons also comes fully equipped with voice searching, calendar reminders (to help you remember when coupons expire), and a handy notepad.

Never go out again without checking through MyCoupons, you’d be surprised what you might be able to save on. I recently received a free annual subscription to Maxim Magazine for my boyfriend, who was thrilled when he received it in the mail – an unexpected surprise for him I’m sure.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over the Android Market and pick up your copy of MyCoupons! What have you saved on so far with MyCoupons?Scan to Download MyCoupons