State Farm Releases “Pocket Agent” for Android Handsets

If you have an Android Handset and State Farm Insurance, your life just got a little bit easier. Why you might ask? Well, State Farm has released an Android app they refer to as the “Pocket Agent.”  Pictured to the left, the app is one of the most comprehensive insurance company apps I have seen on either the Android or iPhone platforms.  It is just great.

The fully-featured app packs quite a few features into a neat little package. Among other things, the app allows users to submit claims, pay their bill, contact a state farm agent, and locate hotels, gas stations, tow trucks and rental car services using the handset’s GPS.  Overall, the app is very quick and I felt like the features would never end.  It really made me wish I had State Farm Insurance!

Overall, any other insurance companies who are thinking of making their own apps, should use this as a guide.  The bar has been set, so let us hope Progressive and the others can reach it.

For those who do have State Farm we would love to know what you think. Do you use the “Pocket Agent ?”  Let us know in the comments people!

Source: State Farm

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  1. Mary Beth-TeleNav
    April 30, 15:21 Reply

    This is great – I could have definitely used this earlier this year when our basement flooded and I was scrambling to find our paperwork.

  2. khay
    July 13, 18:00 Reply

    nice post!! thanks for sharing i like it :p

  3. Niki Kistler
    March 09, 20:22 Reply

    I just deposited a check with Pocket Agent into my State Farm Bank Account for the first time yesterday and it was AWESOME! No hassle, no time at all to do it — the only tech issue I had was that the first time I clicked submit it said it could not transmit. I clicked again immediately and it went right through! Never need to go to a bank again – not even a drive through ATM!!

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