Verizon Sticks With Scary Droid for Incredible Commercials [VIDEO]

The first Droid Incredible commercial is available online through Verizon‘s YoutTube channel.  It appears the carrier plans to scare people into buying this handset as well.  Kicking off the commercial is the familiar DROIIIIID sound with some very Matrix-like code falling in the background.  The phone isn’t shown, but some of the standout specs are given proper attention.

Source: DroidDog

  • Ratnok

    I'm sorry, but is Verizon out of their minds? They've already tapped that market with the Moto Droid. This phone needs to be marketed as unisex, maybe even cater to women due to it's great interface- men will buy it anyway due to the specs- they are throwing away the female market. Not smart.

  • Randy

    I think it's great!!!
    It reminds me of a movie trailer teaser that grabs your attention. You cant tell exactly what is is…but you know it's epic and you want to learn more about it.

    I think thats the point of this first commercial. Similar to the original droids first commercial (idon't droid does)

  • TareX

    Uh….. I hope this repulsive campaign works… the Incredible deserves something better.

  • Nunya

    Ridiculous, but American consumers will fall for it. You don't even need to show the damn phone in the commercial. P.S. I am American, just not one who falls for these commercials. It's a turn off really.

  • Hey, it's nice to see this kind of commercial sometimes

  • very nice info. thank you for sharing. like this :p

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