Google IO: Will Google Announce App Storage on microSD for Froyo?

One of the biggest complaints among Android users from day one was the limited amount of storage space for applications.  Regardless how big your phone is and what amount of internal memory users have, they will always want more.  Such is the case with “Issue 1151” over at the official Android Google Code site.  Recent activity leads us to believe that Google has pretty much wrapped this problem up and are ready to roll it out.

Apologies, but I’m not permitted to disclose scheduling information – suffice to say
it’s coming soon

Sorry for being vague, and thank you for your continued patience – I sincerely
appreciate it.

Happy friday

The quote above comes from a Google member named San.  His comments arrived just a short while ago on the site and have most of us Android bloggers anxious to learn what his definition of “soon” is.  Google I/O seems like the most logical time to announce this.  Will this be part of Froyo and will we get this in June?

Checking back a few months we can also see that Romain Guy has merged two other issues into this thread.  Issue 6783 was folded in back in February while Issue 8000 made the transition just three days ago.