Official Twitter App for Android Arrives!

We all knew this was coming… Twitter just announced the release of an official Twitter app.  It is only for Android version “2.1 and above” (hint for the upcoming 2.2?).

When apps work well with each other, sharing becomes as second nature on machines as it does in person. The Android platform is really good at that, and we’ve worked with the Android team to make it super easy to share what’s happening. Today we are excited to announce that Twitter for Android is available in Android Market!

It is clearly visible that Twitter’s developers had some help from Google Android team as it is very well merged in to the system. Obvioulsy, it includes a widget (small and large) but  it also integrates nicely with the Contact app, that means you can check tweets from your friends from your phonebook, a bit like FaceBook does.

The announce also mentioned that Google will be open sourcing the code used in the app. It could mean that it would become part of Android and allow developer to use Twitter API as part of Android API, maybe that will be one of the “TBA” sessions at Google O/I.

I’ve only used it for few minutes but the design is very polished… Check on the Market or scan the QR-code below to install the app and give us your impression.

Would you stop using [place here the name you favorite Twitter app] to use the native app?

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  1. @gshocker
    April 30, 22:02 Reply

    Not the most exciting Twitter client on Android but I am giving it a spin. Seems like no multi-account support.

  2. @velazcod
    April 30, 22:08 Reply

    "It is clearly visible that Twitter's developers had some help from Google Android team as it is very well merged in to the system."

    Ehmm… All APIs used by the app are well documented, including Sync Adapters (… developers of other twitter apps have just been lazy at it or haven't thought about it before.

    As for the app, I like it, only problem is that its missing support for multiple accounts, other than that its great, some twitter "power-users" might wanna look into Seesmic or Touiteur though.

    • @Shonzilla
      May 01, 23:00 Reply

      Exactly my thought!
      Not only everything used in the official Twitter apps is very well documented, but also Twitter app is definitely not the first one to use account and contacts synchronization. On the other hand, not many Android apps are this polished. Bad news for the most of Twitter clients, while the best ones should probably start syncing Twitter account with contacts as well.


  3. milleribsen
    April 30, 18:21 Reply

    Just downloaded it and it seems really well put together. I used Seesmic up to this point and I like that i don’t have to go into a menu to compose. It also allows me to change what picture hosting and link shortening services I want (something I probably could have done with seesmic but never thought to). It also looks really good. I haven’t tried the widget (as I’m not really a widget user) but it seems prety smooth.

  4. Tenkely
    April 30, 22:28 Reply

    Despite no multiple account support, I will be dropping Seesmic for this.

    I love the integration with Android and contacts. This is the app that Twitter and Android needed, something that feels like it's part of the OS.

    I feel your pain 1.5 & 1.6ers, hopefully you guys and gals will get the 2.1 bump soon!

  5. Fitch
    April 30, 23:52 Reply

    Sweet! had it for 3 seconds and it caused a REBOOT when I started to sync contacts and then tried to view my profile!

  6. Steve H
    May 01, 00:35 Reply

    Well peeved, as if it not bad enough HTC can't be bothered to upgrade some of the older phones (ie Magic & Hero – promised for nearly a year now), but now we getting official "2.0 only" apps

  7. quackor
    April 30, 21:58 Reply

    Very very disappointed with this "2.1" requirement… way to give the finger to almost 80% of Android users…

    • @Shonzilla
      May 01, 22:55 Reply

      Weird that Twitter is stating that 2.1 required.

      I just peeked inside the Twitter APK file, took out AndroidManifest.xml file and saw that it declares minSdkVersion=0x06 which means API level is 6 and that is Android 2.0.1.


  8. @dmonzel
    May 01, 05:08 Reply

    I do enjoy getting updates to my phone from certain accounts (mostly news accounts). Last month, I turned off all SMS and went with HootSuite because you can make specific lists alert you. This feature is what every other Twitter app has been lacking for me, Twitter for Android being no different.

    The only features this app has that HS is lacking is geolocation and address book sync. I'll be keeping the official Twitter app, but I don't think I'll be using it any time soon.

  9. Ronald
    May 01, 08:59 Reply

    The best Twitter app is Touiteur. It automatically pulls up your twitter friend names when you type the "@" sign and the trending topics when you type the "#" sign. Best on the market

  10. Franklin
    May 01, 19:13 Reply

    If anyone prefers the old style of retweeting: I just uploaded an app to the Market called ‘Retweet’ with which you can retweet in the old way with the official app. :)

  11. @Shonzilla
    May 01, 23:03 Reply

    It works on my computer, i.e. Nexus One… with CyanogenMod-5.0.6-N1 that is.
    What's happening on your phone?


  12. khay
    July 13, 17:59 Reply

    nice post!! thanks for sharing i like it :p

  13. Danimal
    August 19, 17:15 Reply

    So I was dumping my traffic with Shark for Root and noticed that my twitter username and password were sent in the clear when the app updates over WiFi. I’m going to uninstall the app and post on all security forums that this is a major problem until SSL or some other type of encryption is enabled

  14. Manny
    August 28, 14:40 Reply

    Well it worked great until I updated to Android 2.2 on my Droid phone now it just keeps failing. WTF any suggestions?

  15. Jerrica
    September 27, 16:32 Reply

    I’m sad that it is only for 2.1 and on. I have a motorola cliq xt and my android market is still 1.5 :( anyone know if motorola is going to send updates out when they get motoblur and android 2.1 working together or will we all have to invest in new phones? And what is the best app to use in the mean time? Right now I am using twidroid … is there ways to customize it more?

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