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Have you ever found yourself in a foreign country, in an unexpected airport, and wondered how much you have to pay for that specific toy? I’m a family accountant, and before we travel I usually gather conversion rates for all expected currencies to be used on our trip. However those rates change daily, even hourly, and not once. We just happened to be stuck in an airport for longer than anticipated and, at that moment, it became my mental struggle to figure out the exchange rates and what the total amount of that toy was converted to home currency.

iConvrtz is a currency converter for the Android platform for over 145 currencies. It includes one on one currency conversion, multiple conversions, and historic exchange rate graphs. It is a free application, available on the Android market, and supports Android 1.5 or higher.

iConvrtz also offers large and small size widgets. The small widget displays exchange rates between two currencies. The large widget tracks exchange rates between selected main currency and four others.

I tested iConvrtz on Nexus One and G1, and it behaved itself on both. It was left to run for a couple of days and never showed any stability issues. The small and large size widgets were also stable.

iConvrtz matches the conversion and graph data from Yahoo finance and offers a nice choice of 1d/5d/3mon/1yr charts. I like the option to see the entire graph by scrolling it vertically. Offline support is offered for 52 major currencies.

The application looks polished. Actually, I like the large and small widgets with transparent backgrounds as an addition to my main Android screen. The flag icons are well done, courtesy of http://icondrawer.com.

In general, iConvrtz is easy to use and does exactly what it says. It did not exhibit any resource or battery issues. As a bonus, I would like to see the ability to save favorite currencies, and an option to add inverse rate on the same screen.

I’ll make sure to have iConvrtz on my phone for the next trip.

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    This product is quite interesting. I need more info on how to market it.

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