How Would You Improve: Twitter for Android

Ok, so we’re sure you’ve heard by now… Twitter has released an official Android app.  With every 1.0 version of an app comes room for improvement.  The biggest issue we see standing in the way of massive Android dominance is the fact that it relies on Android 2.1 or higher.  Everyone has their favorite client, be it Seesmic, Tweetcaster, Twidroid, or Touiteur.  If you’ve had a chance to play with the new official application, we’d like to hear how you’d improve it.  Bigger buttons, multiple accounts, changed layout…

How would you improve Twitter for Android?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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  • shaydlife

    The only thing missing is the ability to add text to a retweet.

  • Lior

    By Adding Multiple Account support

  • @GDHussak

    Few things – 1 and 3 minute updates, ability to use "old style" RTs, and remember the position in timeline. All three of those big enough deals for me to not make the switch from Touiteur.

  • Erny Castro

    I love this app and it should be standard for all android apps. Great integration with the system, awesome UI, visually awesome with the animations in the background.. Unlike the facebook app, which this app seems to borrow some of it's interface from, it has all of it's features accessible. I just wish that, like the other twitter apps, it would refresh upon opening the application or tweets or at least let that be an option. Amazing app!

  • shizoku

    I luv the app n the animation. Wish there is a option to change to a dark theme. Multi account dont really need it cause I'm only using one account.

  • Prerna Lal

    This is my list:

    1) Auto-complete for usernames and tags (Touiteur)
    2) TweetPhoto Support and other link shortener services (All others)
    3) Ability to change text size (All others)
    4) Quote RT (old-school RT) (Seesmic)
    5) Save timeline (Seesmic & Touiteur)

  • @Seth_Brower

    A couple things jump out at me, I would love a darker theme, make it a night sky, as I really sometimes just don't like that bright white from my screen.
    Unless I missed it, I didn't like that it defaults to the main screen, with all the options, rather than just loading into the time line.
    One feature that I really missed was the ability to see the conversation threads that were generated by the re-tweets.
    I do agree that the integration was really impressive, but after tooling around with it for a while, I went back to Touiteur, as it seems more compact in the presentation of the information, and fitting more tweets in a screen at a time, with all the information readily available, just works better for me

  • @nicholasbgr

    The "remember timeline position" feature needs to be implemented asap 😐
    Only one of my contacts is getting merged into my phone contacts. I'm using the "sync existing contacts" option. Any tips?

  • @nicholasbgr

    Also, the notification LED is not working on my Milestone.

  • johnkillerx

    Black theme, no jump to top after refresh, an option to be able to turn off automatic tweet refresh. Currently longest it can go without refreshing by it self is 4 hours.

  • Trevor Carpenter

    I hate that it doesn't remember where I last was reading.

    When I get a notification that there are more tweets to read, I want it to return me to the last tweet I was reading, NOT to the top of the list.

  • Andrés

    1. Save timeline position.
    2. Show latest tweet text in notification bar

  • Raphaels

    Yes, saved timeline would be great… as being able to choose the color of the LED notification.

    Earlier I would have asked for a preview of the images in tweets that contained one but it seems that it has been added… I could not see that yesterday but today I can see small thumbnails of image from Anyone saw that?

  • Nick

    Same on my Droid. Only thing that I would like fixed!

  • @sv0o

    remember position
    threaded view integration

  • schwiz

    old style retweets, a way to start from where you left off in your timeline and work your way up to the newest tweets, if they could find a way to do an active sync rather than checking for updates on a regular interval that would be icing on the cake.

  • @DorkX9

    Switch to the sync all option and go into your contacts. You have to join the contacts manually but only once thanks to the google's sync. Then you can switch back to sync only contacts.

  • skooal

    easy, by making it available to 1,5, 1.6 and 2.0 versions of android…

  • huey

    Really the only pet peeve for me is the lack of "jump to top of page" function that is lacking in most Android apps

    • Megusta

      Tap the home button twice to jump to top.

  • Brian

    Remember last position.

  • Roobarb

    Needs multiple account support. Uninstalled until it does.

  • Jason Syn

    Remember my place in the timeline and a darker theme.

  • Dave

    Remember your position in the timeline
    More options for image and video uploads.
    More options for url shortening.

  • Shawn

    Being able to type more than 140 characters !!!! I love using it but sometime even cutting down words you still cannot get it in 140, I am not saying make it a book but atleast 300 or a little more would be a amazing improvement instead of sending 2 tweets with your post….

  • @afront

    Quote RT. Oh, and note that it DOES run on Android 2.0.1 as well as 2.1: don't believe all you read on tech websites!

  • Frank

    Landscape for the home screen.

  • Zubair Hamed

    Lots of the tweets I read has web url links. Whenever I visit the links, the browser is opened, but if i open another link, the previous one disappears or gets overwritten.

    In Tweetcaster, you can keep opening links from the tweets and it will keep opening new windows. Please have that! Its stopping me from using the Twitter client!


  • Jpustin

    I would like threaded replies and easier to click on tweets links ala Tuiteur

  • morgan

    when I type an "@", it should start looking up from the list of people I follow. Touituer does this, and I think Tritdroid does, too. This seems like an obvious feature to me.

  • Boz

    I would like to be able to limit notifications by user or list.

    • Paneendra

      Totally agree. I don’t want to get notifications for all the tweets but having it only for the list would be great

  • cuppy

    great app i think..

  • khay

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