Samsung: “Android will be on 50% of our Smartphones”

There is another sign today that Android continues to pick up steam in the smartphone industry.  Reuters is reporting that Samsung plans to put Android on 50% of it’s smartphones in 2010, and possibly more beyond this year.

With Samsung gearing up to release hot new handsets like the Galaxy S, this is certainly exciting to think about the possibility of Android being on some excellent hardware in the near future.  We are beginning to see handset developers understand that if they put some beefy specs behind the platform, it is going to yield excellent results and sales for their company.

Here’s to seeing what Samsung comes up with in the next two years or so for Android!

  • Very good news for Samsung smartophone lovers like me 🙂

  • Smart phone are one of the most efficient phone as they offers the features like includes schedules of meetings, your alarms, your work and many more including surfing the web.Samsung is one of the top ten company of producing smart phones. The only other android phone with decent design is the droid but that has keyboard.

  • James

    As a former Galaxy owner it'll be a long, long time before I forget how quickly Samsung abandoned that handset. Buyer beware with that company.

  • bbc

    The handset makers need to keep up with android platforms to avoid another htc 2.1 issue

  • nice post!! thanks for sharing i like it :p

  • Dear all,

    I have recently bought smart phone Samsung i5801 galaxy 3.
    VERY GOOD PHONE. I would have been happy if SAMSUNG included basic features.

    a. FM recording.
    b. Easy bulk message. Now i have to do round about android apps.
    c. Address book copy easy one shot procedure.

    i request all ANDROID SAMSUNG users to help me overcome this shortcomings.

    JS Parthasarathi india

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