Motorola Shadow News Emerges From… The Shadows

It has been a while since we last reported on the device once dubbed as a “Nexus Two.”  Coming from handset maker Motorola, there’s nothing official about this mysterious Shadow phone. After hitting the web back in January, things were relatively quiet until this past weekend.

A recent WiFi certification has us turning our attention to a new Motorola MB810 which many are guessing to be the Shadow. Featuring 802.11 b/g/n and WiFi (naturally), the rest of the hard is speculation. The specs run like this: A 4.3-inch capacitive touch display, an 8-megapixel camera, HD video recording, HDMI output, and a sliding QWERTY for typing.

To date, we’ve seen a handful of pictures and possible renders that all somewhat look like the same handset. Here’s a quick gallery of pics that may or may not be related to each other.

We’re hoping to get to the bottom of this handset before too long.  Be sure to check back with us for the latest and greatest Android news!

  • Shame it has a QWERTY. Still waiting for my Sprint Nexus One. I saw a Google employee in the subway last week using one of the original ones with the barcode. It got me very excited.

    • Ratnok

      Thank God it has a QWERTY! So many people- particularly in the business world, have been waiting for a Superphone with a REAL keyboard. It's about time…

  • bob

    when is someone going to make one with a snapdragon chip AND a properly left-sided d-pad so we can finally kick nintendo to the curb?

  • Kerry

    Awesome that it has a hardware keyboard. QWERTY for the win! Hope it'll be available on TMo.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate to burst your bubble but I have seen the SHADOW, and that my friends is not IT!. With going into great detail so as my spouse doesn't lose their job, I will say this, it DOES NOT HAVE A QWERTY keypad, and it is BETTER than the Nexus ONE! The HDMI output alone sets it apart for the Nexus One, and I can not wait until the Family/Friend USER Trials begin so that I can finally switch to the EXTRA one that we have. Surprisingly Motorola has really done a GREAT job at keep this one under wraps – Good Job Motorola – keep em guessing!

    • ExArmySgt

      The specs say it will have a OMAP3630 processor which has a clock speed of 720mHz. Seeing as how the Incredible has a 1.0ghz Snapdragon process, my concern is that the Shadow won't be as fast. I think overall I would prefer the Shadow for sure but worry I might become frustrated if it's slower when compared to the Incredible my wife has now. Anyone with an opinion on this that has used the Shadow?