Quick Settings – An Indispensible App For Your Homescreen


We all live very busy lives, so  any processes that increase productivity and save time are valuable. Quick Settings is a free application in the Android Market that allows access to many of the important settings on your Droid. It has a pleasant user interface, which one will find visually appealing. It can also be customized to meet your particular needs.

I use Quick Settings to investigate suspicious battery drain, as well as for viewing memory information. A quick glance allows me to see if my GPS or Wi-Fi has been left on unintentionally. At times, these processes are running in the background with no indication in the notifications bar.

There are a few surprises, such as being able to adjust your screen brightness natively from the app or use your phone as a flashlight. The flashlight is a little geeky, however, it has been a useful function many times! Some settings take you to the phone settings to turn on some functions, this is a security feature of android that doesn’t allow the app direct access.

After installing Quick Settings, I was able to remove multiple applications that were no longer necessary, such as multiple toggle applications and a flashlight app. This freed up valuable phone memory that I could use for other interesting apps.  This application leaves nothing to be desired; I can’t think of a single additional function that is needed to improve it.

Quick Settings has proved to be very stable, demonstrated in the fact that it has never frozen or force closed. I am amazed that an application with this level of quality and funtionality is free. The application does not specifically mention a version of Android in the Market description, however, it runs perfectly on android 1.5.   Head over to the Android Market and give Quick Settings a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Eric

    Could not find "Quick Settings" app on the Android Market.

    • Peter

      I'm running 2.1 (Nexus) and agree — not in the market for us.

    • xarophti

      Article mentions "on your Droid". Is this a Moto Droid only app, maybe? Plenty of other apps that do this for other handsets, however.