October 20, 2014

Android 2.1 Being Delivered to Sprint Phones (UPDATE: Nope!)

In a leaked image that has been posted to the XDA Forums, the news has broken that Sprint is rolling out Android 2.1 (Eclair) to both of their phones!  This has been LONG rumored, with users taking a “believe it when we see it” mentality (with good reason).  Finally Sprint Android users can celebrate as this is the real deal.

This update is an OTW (over the wire) update ONLY.  There will be no OTA updates for the Sprint handsets.  Meaning simply that you will have to connect your handset to your computer to download and install the update.  Personally, I find this method much more appealing as I do not have to wait in the dark to get an OTA alert to my handset.

If you are a Sprint Moment owner, you can get the update NOW, check out the image and the XDA forums to see the process.  If you are a Sprint Hero owner, you will get the official update next week via the same method.  Happy Updating!

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion folks.  We’re gonna eat our words here and let you know that the updates haven’t been found online yet.  Further, we received an email this morning from a reader who said Sprint advised a late May/early June rollout.

I called sprint last night when I heard about the update and they told me specifically that the update would actually be coming out at the end of may beginning of June…the young lady(rep) asked a tech and she said that it was pushed back…