Android 2.1 Being Delivered to Sprint Phones (UPDATE: Nope!)

In a leaked image that has been posted to the XDA Forums, the news has broken that Sprint is rolling out Android 2.1 (Eclair) to both of their phones!  This has been LONG rumored, with users taking a “believe it when we see it” mentality (with good reason).  Finally Sprint Android users can celebrate as this is the real deal.

This update is an OTW (over the wire) update ONLY.  There will be no OTA updates for the Sprint handsets.  Meaning simply that you will have to connect your handset to your computer to download and install the update.  Personally, I find this method much more appealing as I do not have to wait in the dark to get an OTA alert to my handset.

If you are a Sprint Moment owner, you can get the update NOW, check out the image and the XDA forums to see the process.  If you are a Sprint Hero owner, you will get the official update next week via the same method.  Happy Updating!

UPDATE: Sorry for the confusion folks.  We’re gonna eat our words here and let you know that the updates haven’t been found online yet.  Further, we received an email this morning from a reader who said Sprint advised a late May/early June rollout.

I called sprint last night when I heard about the update and they told me specifically that the update would actually be coming out at the end of may beginning of June…the young lady(rep) asked a tech and she said that it was pushed back…

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  1. Kent
    May 02, 02:26 Reply

    No such thing yet! Shouldn't surprise me though.

  2. brian
    May 02, 02:59 Reply

    Now the VWZ Eris is now officially the last phone to receive this update we don't even have an effing date for ours. The hero is nearly the exact same phone as the Eris. I swear to god VWZ HTC get sh*t together. I feel like HTC & VWZ have 1 person working on ours. All HTC & VWZ keep saying is no official date has been released no f**king kidding. Why has it taken so long? 7 months & on top of It 2.2 will be out & Eris hasn't gotten 1 update since the phone was released I can tell u something now I will never buy another HTC phone. They only care about there latest & greatest phone so Eris owners get the Shaft bc VWZ & HTC r more concerned about the Droid Incredible customers & have forgotten the the Eris owners who were promised an updates 7 months ago bc the Eris has so many bugs & just about every app force closes. Trying to type on the texting app is frustrating it really lags far too much it gets so behind it feels yours holding certain keys down & will p9st number@ like it just did & symbols bc it sux. This Is ridiculous. Get off of your f**king asses & get too work their have been several leaked version that works just fine but if u install u void your warranty. So u have the choice of either sticking with your stock 1.5 with all the bugs or install the leaked version potentially bricking your phone while voiding your warranty. I was one of the customers LIED to by VWZ salesperson with the promise of the update coming out soon but soon was months & months ago. So to future VWZ HTC customers if they say an update is coming soon for your phone. Kindly smile then punch them in the face.& call them liars & then remind them of phones like the hero,eris, & the moment. I guess I wouldn't be as angry if I wasn't lied to only for VWZ & HTC to be able to off load the Eris so they could make way for the Incredible. Oh 1 last thing GO FUCK YOURSELf VWZ & HTC.

    • Aaron
      May 03, 16:04 Reply

      get a life, it's not the end of the world. i have the hero as well and would love to see 2.1 on it, but i also have a life and i'm not going to curl up in a corner and cry and bitch just because it's not here yer, guess what everyone, when it's finally available it will probably work great. Do you really want to rush them?

      get a life and go outside for a while, that burn from the sun won't hurt forever i promise

  3. @harningt
    May 02, 01:28 Reply

    Not available yet. Please fact-check…

    The april 30th update date is kinda fishy on the top of the Samsung Moment update page…… considering there's no apparent change to the page.

    There are two leaked versions out there… testing ones… hopefully not a sign of the quality of final release…

  4. Klop
    May 02, 04:44 Reply

    Lol Brian. It's a phone. Just root it.

  5. chris
    May 02, 13:04 Reply

    Hey Android Guys,

    Telling us here that "Finally Sprint Android users can celebrate as this is the real deal" is premature and unprofessional. We cannot celebrate, as it is just another dubious-at-best image of someone's monitor and, of course, turns out to be false information. I knew that before I clicked on the forum thread. Why didn't you?


  6. luis
    May 02, 17:10 Reply

    I have the hero witch u said wouldn't b available till next week, however my daughter has the moment witch u said is available now so I woke her up 9 o clock this morning N THATS BULL SHI+ at least update ur freakin facts dummy

    • ianmccully
      May 03, 18:15 Reply

      imho why are we all waiting so long for this update , i think they is no update till the earliest being june sometime and when we get to june it will be december as when i bought my htc hero on orange after christmas 2009 i was told it was coming in january then it was april now it is june and then it will be next december i will have had my phone for a year which isnt accepatable ,i want to know why we are all waiting and can someone perhaps put a definite time limit on this and save us all the hassle thanks for reading this

      bye for now


      keep smiling
      Be Happy

  7. newspeak
    May 02, 18:47 Reply

    I love your site ….i want you guys to make it…hell I don't even have a moment or a hero but I have friends who do ….but when you post something like this with no links and just some reference to a picture on xda it really undermines your credibility and hurts the site as a whole

  8. rodney
    May 02, 20:21 Reply

    this is the update that Sprint saud 90% of moment owners didnt update back in Jan

  9. chad
    May 02, 21:54 Reply

    I like how this moron calls the author a dummy… haha. LEARN ENGLISH

  10. Aceofspades626
    May 02, 23:56 Reply

    Please update with any info you may have. Stated Moment update date has come and gone. No update posted. Is Hero getting pushed back too?

  11. slayer86
    May 03, 02:06 Reply

    R-tards. How hard is it to check for proof of something before you write an article about it. No wonder "real" journalist's have to goto college first. LOL I think they write this crap for traffic. No traffic = No advertisers = No money in there pockets. Whats the term, sellouts? The so called Sprint memo says the update would be out Apr. 30th and this was posted the next day. And no one thought to check this out first? Pure incompetence!

  12. Guest
    May 03, 01:14 Reply

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  13. r4i gold
    May 03, 06:49 Reply

    I would only say that the rise in Android has a lot to do with the availability across multiple carriers and price point for consumers who are buying smartphones…

  14. Android Guru
    May 03, 08:00 Reply

    I knew that this story was some BS when no other site reported it. Great job Android Guys! BTW Hows that Android Gals thing-a-majig going for you??

  15. cman
    May 03, 13:44 Reply

    Ya, this story is ridiculous. Five clicks on Sprint's website would have showed this is false. At least file a retraction update to this story. MAJOR FAIL

  16. revray35
    May 03, 17:12 Reply

    Hey there, I take full responsibility for this article sucking the way it did. Thanks for all your feedback, I will certainly work to not let this happen again. I did not do my usual vetting and confirmation that needed to be done.

  17. @kyledylanconner
    May 04, 00:20 Reply

    I just talked to a Sprint rep. and he said that the release date is still early May.

  18. khay
    July 13, 17:52 Reply

    nice post!! thanks for sharing i like it :p

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